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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Miracle Grow..."

Gardening has becoming a passion of mine.

I am experimenting with different fertilizes manures and mulches. Today I bought a liquid concentrate of 'Miracle Grow.' only 1/3 cap per two gallons of water and it's suppose to be make everything grow big and healthy.

I had a thought, if only there was only  a 'Miracle Grow' for body parts. A product to make your body parts healthy and grow big.

Whoever can market a human version of Miracle Grow will win the Nobel of nobel's and the  Pulitzer of all Pulitzer's...

No more plastic surgeries or locker room embarrassments. Just imagine drinking a cup of miracle grow or pouring it on the body part you want enhanced.

When I was a kid they said to rub 'Crisco' on the body parts you wanted enhanced, I actually tried it and my body part shrunk. I asked my doctor why? He said of course that would happen, Crisco is shortening.

Like I said I am experimenting in formulas for my new found hobby and passion, guess I drifted off a little.

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