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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Special order everything..."

This is not something I take pleasure in admitting, but I go to fast food restaurants more often than one should.

Now that I have opened my dirty laundry once again, here is my advise for better quality food at fast food restaurants.

Burger King on their hamburgers(whopper sandwiches) flame broil them all at once and keep the stash around all day. They microwave the hamburger on the bottom bun before combing the top bun and other condiments. This makes the bottom bun act as a sponge and you have a grease filled bottom bun. Therefore I always ask them to double toast the bottom bun on my whopper jr. without the meat, the sandwich become irresistible

Costco has the famous outdoor cafe here on Kauai, they sell a 1/2 lb hot-dog and refillable soda for 1.50. The trick is always ask them to take a fresh hot dog out of the steamer and wrap it just for you, they will give you stink eye but insures your hot-dog is hot, since many times they sell you a dog that's been sitting and is cold and stuck to the bun with moisture.

McDonald's always make sure to special order, I always get a Mcdouble with just pickles and onions and ask for ketchup on the side, this insures a crisp bun that's not saturated in sauce. If I order a McChicken I always request, "lite" mayo" since McDonald's tends to super-size on the sauces and condiments. This insures a fresh sandwich and not one sitting and waiting to be purchased and you save a few calories to boot.

Always remember to special order at any fast food restaurant, it may take longer but your dining experience will be McWonderful!


Linda said...

A long time ago our Costco served up the hot dogs like that, already wrapped. But now they always make them up one at a time, even when they are busy. Maybe enough people complained about getting cold ones.

KimoRosen said...

McGregor they also have individual lines at our Costco cafe, they need to get ropes like banks and other fast food restaurants, and take care of the next person, otherwise if you pick the wrong line, it's a long wait for fast food.