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Friday, June 4, 2010

"My Story..."

This story was recently submitted to Dog World Magazine  (http://www.dogworld.com/  for a section called "My Story."

Last February I visited the local Kauai Humane society many times in hopes of finding a friend to adopt. Finally on the sixth visit a little black dog with white paws came towards me and wouldn't leave. I made sure she liked the basket that sits on the handlebars of my bicycle, since I wanted to train the dog to ride in the basket, since I bike everywhere.

The staff told me she was half chihuahua and half terrier. They said she would be 6-8 lbs, maximum as an adult dog.

I named her "Obama" since I am a political junkie and enjoy Barack Obama, and she is black with white paws.

After the first month the dog was already over 10 lbs, far exceeding the 8 lb max I was told. Every-time I took a bike ride she would cry in the basket, thinking she had to go potty, I always took her out but no potty.

She was telling me, "Dad I want to run," I started running her along side my bike, she learned to heal off the front tire, when the front tire goes left, she goes left, right she goes right, you get the drift.

Upon some research and veterinarian advise I found out my dog is part miniature greyhound, she loves to run! She runs along side my bike everywhere I go approximately 15 miles a day, and she still can't get enough. When we make pit stops at the grocery store or library she will stay in her basket that has become her space but only when the bike is parked.

I live on an island with 60,000 population and whenever the dog is running with me, strangers yell out of their cars windows Hello Obama. More people know my dog than know me.

I have a few chronic medical conditions that require many medications. Obama is actually a certified PSD (Psychiatric service dog) beside being my constant companion she is trained to remind me when to take my meds, she never lets me forgot with a nudge on my knee from her nose, it's time to be medicated.

My dog hopes to meet the president in person some day, I am looking forward to saying, Obama meet Obama. "Yes we can!"

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