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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"There in a meeting.."

Don't you hate when you call a business person, politician or someone who thinks there important with a secretary and switchboard and you are told, 'I'm sorry there in a meeting."

It's 2010, I always say come on, can't you think of something more original than the old , he or she is a meeting excuse?" Granted there are times when they are actually in meetings but how often is that in reality?

Here are some better comebacks for all you VIP's, politicians and business people.

Have your secretary or switchboard say, your in the bathroom having a major bowel movement, or that you are currently in an affair with an intern, or  they are sitting at their desk reading jokes that their friends sent them on the computer as they try and look busy.

However don't insult my intelligence and tell me they are in a meeting.

How about saying, "look idiot they said if you called, get rid of him. Please say anything but there in a meeting. Funny thing, everyone I called this morning was in a meeting.

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