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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"College Degrees..."

Why is the number sought after degree form Universities called a Bachelor's Degree?

I understand why one may want to be a Master, hence 'Master Degree's.' I understand how one would like the title Dr. and go for a 'PHD,' a Doctors of philosophy Degree.

Why do people want a Bachelor Degree? I would think many bachelors would prefer being called a Playboy?

A bachelor is an unmarried man, a degree is a way we measure temperatures, therefore a bachelors degree is something for a single man with a temperature? A single man with a high temperature could be called a Playboy, so why not call it a Playboy degree?

Or it could be called a Bachelorette degree, after all women now have equal rights, or if the women has a high temperature she could also receive a Playgirl degree.

The women could receive Bachelorette degree's and the men could receive Bachelors degrees and married people could receive Tie The Not degree's, and the singles with high temperatures would receive the Playgirl or Playboy degree's.     :D)

I'm glad we have that straightened out.

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