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Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Bring back chain gangs and the death sentence..! "

The jail on Kauai is not even fenced in, when you drive by the inmates are usually playing volleyball or tending to the jail garden.

I called the correctional facility and spoke with Warden Wagasama concerning escaped convicts, since there is no fence what is stopping an inmate from a pretty easy escape and just walking out? First all, everyone is advised of the consequences on many matters inclusive of escape and signs a disclaimer as such. If convicted first degree escape is an up to an additional 10 years jail time and second degree escape holds up to a 5 year additional sentence, plus the facility would be on lock down, jeopardizing all the other guests, (inmates) freedoms. "Nobody wants to be the one responsible for a shut down," the other guests won't welcome you back, and third, an escapee conviction stays on your record for life, thus any prison you may go to in the future you will be high risk and not have all of the rights as others inmates.

With three square meals a day, free medical and dental, a weight room, volleyball court, television and garden, these guys do not mind being incarcerated.

In these rough economic times many prisoners have it better than most. We need to defer criminal acts, bring back chain gangs and the death sentence!

The recent cold blooded murder in Anahola was between a couple of local career criminals, who most likely had it to easy at the Kauai community correctional facility. What is the detriment for their criminal acts, free health-care, 3 catered meals a day, volleyball and a vegetable garden maintained by inmates, with products used by KCCC's food services unit.

Prisons are not hotels and unless we change the system the lines will continue to grow for a visit to your local correctional facility.

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