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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Where news was news and being a professional had it's merits..."‏

Anybody can be a writer or photographer and have their own daily periodically for free. Blogs, where you write whatever is on your mind, somewhat like a personal diary that you share with the world.

Daily newspapers, writers and professional photographers have lost millions in the last 10 years since the digital world has become mainstream.

Twenty years ago rumor had it that someday you would be able to push a button on your computer and send a photo instantaneously anywhere in the world. Digital camera's, even the small amateur type that fit in your shirt pocket are capable of taking photos of such great quality that they can be reproduced in many national publications.

People believe what they read in print, they don't check to see if the person doing the reporting is legitimate, maybe the person just has a jazzy website with a blog, but it's in print and people believe it as newsworthy.

I remember the days when being a professional reporter or professional photographer belonged to an elite class. All you need now is a computer and a cheap digital camera and your in business.

The situation is similar to sports among the youth where everyone gets a trophy, because no one child should feel bad. Many schools play sports games and do not keep score as to not make the loser feel bad, G-d forbid we call a loser a loser.

Technology is great, but sometimes I long for the days where news was news and being a professional had it's merits.

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