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Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Too much government..."

I would like to respond to the recent TGI article," Bill would hold publishers liable for accidents while trespassing."


The article basically states that a tour book publisher will be liable if someone has an accident or drowns at certain places deemed dangerous, Kipu Falls has been the site of many serious injuries and deaths and was cited as one of the those spots that needs to be taken out of tour-books since access is acquired through private property.

There are way too many laws, before long the government will be telling us what we can or can't wipe our behinds with.

I get it, Niagara falls is in many tour books as one of the seventh wonders of the world, should it be taken out because people have drowned there?

If someone goes to secret beach and jumps off the cliff does that mean Kauai's awesome Secret beach should not be in a tour book, and then hold the publisher liable?

People need to take responsibility and quit blaming the other guy. Before long the government will be telling us we can't expel gas after eating mexican food without a costly permit.

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