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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Duh, winning..!"

The recent media blitz showing Charlie Sheen In his numerous rants and meltdowns has created huge ratings for network and cable news shows, along with many parodies on comedy and talk shows.

Charlie Sheen was fired from his sit-com, "Two and a Half men" he was the highest paid actor in sit-com history at 2 million a show, most of us don't make that kind of money in a lifetime. I watched his show one time, and really did not see any reason to watch again.

Charlie is melting down before America's eyes, sure his rants are entertaining and actually think his real life drama is more funny than his award winning sit-com.

(recent SNL skit)

The fun is over, if we maintain putting all this attention on Charlie and keep being drawn into this para social phenomena, not only will Charley Sheen self destruct but we as American people are on our way to much of the same.

Call it an Obsession by the American people, call it a meltdown, call it what ever you wish, we are encouraging his rants and laugh. I am guitly myslef, but when Charlie is six feet under who will have the last laugh?

"Duh, winning...."

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