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Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Obama was actually hatched from an egg..."

Our president Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, he was hatched by a mother Kenyan hen sitting on her eggs back during the crazy rock era of the early 1960's. Since Barack Obama was hatched from an egg according to Sara Palin and her friend Donald trump it's time to dissolve the rumors that he was born in a manger and know the truth that he was hatched and is the primary reason for so many GOP'ers claiming his birth certificate is  a forge.

Donald Trump actually has remains of the cracked eggshell that Obama commenced life from.

OK folks, no jokes aside, the above was actually fiction, however  there are many Americans that actually think Barack Obama was not born in the United states and is a closet Muslim.

Please click on the enclosed URL to see actual photos of Obama's birth certificate.
 The URL enclosed is from Fact-check, a company that checks, re-checks and checks again many controversial topics.

I have always maintained that if Barack Obama was a white man that this controversy never would had taken hold.

President Obama was born in Honolulu Hawaii in 1961, Hawaii was part of the united states at that time.
 It's time to move on to important topics, like 3 wars and solving the major recession and if Donald Trump is actually a martian.

Photo of President Obama courtesy of; Resources for Writers and Students

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