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Saturday, March 12, 2011

"One Tsunami, two Tsunami, tree Tsunami more..."

 "editors note, tree is suppose to be tree, please do not correct to three, tree is Hawaiian Pidgin for three." 

One Tsunami, two Tsunami, tree Tsunami more, within the last two years.

This past dress rehearsal was less dramatic than the one in February 2010.

One of these times it will be the real thing and we will need to ask ourselves, "would we take supplies airdropped in plastic bags, or accept assistance from a ferry-boat?

One Tsunami, two Tsunami, tree Tsunami more....

This may sound silly, however now that I have your attention please remember to voice your opinion and testify to amend county bill #2400 that bans supermarket plastic bags. You can testify by email at; counciltestimony@kauai.gov  if you cannot make it to county chambers this coming Wednesday.

We may have weathered the Tsunami weather, however we still face the political Tsunamis on a daily basis.

Please do not continue to allow 7 overpaid public servants to make all our important choices, let your voice be heard now!

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