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Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Obama needs to show placenta..."

Jay Leno recently told the following joke; "President Obama has shown his long form birth certificate and still the tea party doesn't believe he was born in America, they are now demanding to see his placenta as proof."

Many GOP'ers are now demanding to see Obama's transcripts from Harvard. When will this subliminal racism stop. People will not say it, but what they are saying is how could a black man get into Harvard, there must be some sort of conspiracy theory.

Our great country needs to get on with business and not keep running the government as some kind of reality show. The reality is we all need to work together. Republicans and Democrats cannot even agree on what to disagree on, if this craziness continues we are doomed.

The UK is in as much a financial meltdown as the US and they just spent over 60 million dollars on a wedding for William and what's her face. The Brits should be ashamed of their government for spending their hard earned tax dollars on a Royal wedding, while a world recession lingers...

The world is a financial mess because of the people we elected. We need to demand immediate pay cuts for those telling everyone else they need to take pay cuts. The recent Royal wedding was a disgrace and America seemed obsessed with this, ironically one of the reasons our founding fathers came to America was to abolish Royalty. Why the obsession with something our founding fathers despised?

We penalize the poor and middle class to benefit politicians, the rich and Royal families. Once we cut defensive spending and get out of 3 wars we don't belong in and numerous occupancies in countries we are allies with, and demand mandatory pay-cuts for all politicians, then only then can we even consider a recovery.

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