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Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Weeds are people too..!"

The other morning I was watering my garden and fruit trees and saw many weeds starting to come up again, my initial thought was one day soon I will need to clear out all those weeds. Upon closer examination I noticed one of the weeds was what we call sand-spinach which grows wild nears beaches in Hawaii and is quite edible.

Why bother weeding when many of the weeds are edible plants, to top things off we have many wild cherry tomato plants and Papaya trees that start from nowhere.

The reason we allegedly have so many wild edible starts is because birds will eat seeds and birds will excrete. When the bird goes to the bathroom and it happens upon your soil, it's like a miracle seed, since the feces acts like fertilizer and the seeds soon become weeds or hopefully an edible plant.

Remember weeds are not always bad, sometimes they come from a good seed! Don't judge a weed a weed just because someone told you it's a weed. After-all weeds are like people. Don't judge a weed by the color of its leaves, just by what's inside and how it tastes.

My weeds all seem to have good personalities. The old expression comes to mind, "Dogs are people too," well, may I say, "weeds are people too!"

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