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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Library etiquette..."

Wild chickens gather in front of the Kapa'a public library....
This blog ran 02-09-12 in the Kaua'i Garden island news as an opinion article titled;" At the public library..."
The public library is a wonderful place. When we were children we were taught to not talk in the library and if we absolutely had to talk we communicated in a silent whisper. It was a respect thing.

Homework, study and research were the primary reasons for going to the library.

...Fast forward 50 years and public libraries have turned into cheap DVD rental stores along with free computer and Internet access.

Last but not least it's a safe haven for homeless people to catch a nap with a book in their lap as they doze off and when they wake up they use the restrooms supplied with toilet paper, soap and paper towels.

Library etiquette has changed dramatically since I was a child, in fact when I shushed a group of teenagers as a sign to keep their voices down they looked back at me with blank stares and continued clucking like a bunch of chickens.

I  looked at the kids and said," just wait until your my age," they all looked back simultaneously and said "Shhhhhhhhhhhh!"


Anonymous said...

Douglas Dunn said via Garden island news;" Very nice.
Here in my area, public libraries are under assault.
In several communities, including my town of Escondido (and 3D's town of Oceanside) there are strong conservative movements to privatize them into for-profit businesses.

We all need to stand up in defense of PUBLIC libraries!
(But we do need to keep those kids quiet....)"

KimoRosen said...

keep the libraries public!

Anonymous said...

Rema Murphy said via faceboopk;"Ha Ha, Uncle. Yes, times have changed. And if you find out how to keep kids quiet and respectful, please let me know. Signed, an exhausted public elementary teacher. (And the girls are worse behavior problems than the boys, these days!)"

KimoRosen said...

Yes Aunty they have!Tell them Uncle Kimo say shhhhhhhhhhhh......