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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Watch Where You Sit..."

I would like to welcome another guest blogger to 'dakinetalk.' Harmony,'like 'Madonna' and 'Cher' likes to be known by her first name only...Harmony was one of the first people I met in Hawai'i and we have stayed friends since meeting back in 1999.
'Harmony' lives in Makakilo, above Kapolei, on Oahu. She is pursuing her masters degree in psychological counseling at Chaminade University. She is also a massage therapist. She is not planning to host anymore Naturist parties in the near or far future.

'Harmony' calls  the enclosed photo of herself  'Peacock in Paradise.' "Her favorite outfit is panties, a t-shirt, and socks which she is wearing in this picture.

I used to belong to a nudist group. It was called the Hawai'i Naturist Society, and they believed that nudity was healthy and wholesome. It was not about sexual attraction. Rather, this was a family oriented organization, and it was OK to bring your children to the gatherings. Their philosophy was that nudity was about body acceptance. It didn't matter if you were old or fat or ugly. All were welcome. We even had one member named Bo who we considered to be our mascot because she was brave enough to attend our parties with only one breast because she had had a mastectomy.

You might be wondering where a nudist group would meet. Unfortunately, there were no nude beaches we could frequent without risk of getting arrested. Nudist groups generally cannot meet in public places. There was one exception when we were able to rent a miniature golf course and had it to ourselves. Usually, however, the only place we could meet was at members’ homes.

If you are attending a nude party in someone’s home, the proper etiquette is to bring a towel to sit on. I mean just think if you were hosting a nude party, you wouldn't want a bunch of nude people sitting on your furniture!?

I had always wanted to host a party but couldn't because I was married then, and my husband wasn't into nudity. He would be very uncomfortable with a bunch of nude people parading through his home. He was even uncomfortable with clothed people parading through his home! So, it was out of the question- until the weekend when he went away to Las Vegas, and it just so happened that the Hawaii Naturist Society was looking for a place to meet!

I was so excited to be able to finally host a party. Many guests arrived with their towels. Soon my couches and chairs had filled up, and people were sitting on the floor. I was walking amidst the guests serving pupus when for some reason, I tripped and fell backwards and landed sitting on the head of a man who was seated on the floor! I was so embarrassed I must have repressed the moment because I don’t clearly remember what happened next. I think everyone was too shocked to react. I’m guessing my first reaction was to jump up really fast!

I don’t believe the members held it against me because shortly after that incident, they elected me president! Another good thing that came out of this came about because Red-book Magazine featured a monthly column called “Was My Face Red” where readers wrote in about their most embarrassing experiences They published my story! So, as a result of sitting on someone’s head, I became a published writer!

A funny thing happened next. I let my husband read the article. I hadn't told him about the incident. I had told him I was hosting a nude party when he was in Vegas, and he was OK with that. But I hadn't told him I fell on a guy’s head. When he read the story, he was so shocked that his first reaction was to grab me and make mad, passionate love! I guess it was his way of reclaiming me after sitting on someone else’s head. My advice to you is if you ever attend a nude party, and especially if there are people sitting on the floor, watch where you sit!

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