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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Far from coy..." 'Susana Summers'

Welcome back guest blogger Susan'a Summers who lives on the stupendous island of Maui. She resides A 'Shackteau'(sic)within a mango forest, bathes in waterfalls and although no 'Oprah is constantly entertained by the drama of the forests inhabitants, seen and unseen...
Photo  by guest blogger Susana Summers
There is a common saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Can it be conversely said that a hundred words can convey a picture?

Summertime. Jungle. Maui. The camera scans to life in the jungle. Above the stream, beside a mango forest. The camera focuses in. A jewish hawaiian jungle princess with soft locks cascading down her back is on the land doing her artwork. Gardening, weeding, planting, sculpting, creating, NAKED.

Now I must assure you if you are expecting the camera to focus only on tits and ass read no further!

Come on..... first dont be so shallow. Secondly, lets be realistic. The princess is beyond the generation of only tits and ass. Not to say that she hasnt a beautiful figure, but with the passing of the years for a woman in her forties, a more complex kind of beauty appears beyond the simplicity of youth.

As the camera follows her it is evident that the princesses beauty radiates not only from the physical attributes she was born with but also from the sense of peace she has found within herself in this new decade of her life and from the gratitude she has for what she has been given and what she has created.

The camera follows her as she moves gracefully from project to project, feeling the warmth of the summer sun on her skin and the cooling breeze in her hair. The sound of the flowing stream is in the background and in the forefront the sound of the gentle wind in the trees, the doves cooing, the songs of a variety of local birds, the buzzing of the bees and an occasional gecko chirping.

But what is most beautiful about the princess today cannot be observed by the ordinary viewer, but only by one who knows the story or the thoughts in her head. For these past two weeks the love and devotion she gives to her land, her creation of many years has an added depth.

For many years she has prepared and worked this masterpiece and shared it with her friends. But now it takes a special meaning for there is a man she longs to share all its beauty with. And from this day on until his arrival, each movement, each action, is also added to by her intention to prepare and uncover all the wonder of her homesite for his pleasure as well as her own.

And in that deliberation, with a gleam in her eyes and a soft smile on her face and a warmth in her heart, a certain beauty, that is coupled with her innate beauty is evident, that to the birds and the butterflys and the lizards and the male squash flowers that watch her, they can only say.....WOW!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the guest bloggers! Susana this blog was poetic and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

wasn't there a Susan Summers on al old TV show Three's Company?

Michael A. Herr said...

To Anonymous, that was Suzanne Somers who gained fame not only for that comedy series but also as the spokesperson for the Thighmaster.