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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"First Love" 'Aloha Friday' Michael Herr

Renowned author and guest blogger Michael Herr is back with another rendition of Aloha Friday's. Don't forget to check out Michael's books at; http://www.michaelherr.com/   I just finished his first book "Primo's," It's a fun relaxing, exciting fictional account of the many characters that hang out at a bar called Primo's on the cosmic Island of Kaua'. I highly recommend this book to anyone who envoy's the type of book you just can't stop reading...

It's Aloha Friday, with today's emphasis on Aloha.

Do you remember your first love? How about your second? How about your one true love? Remember that person? Remember where you met? What you said? What you did? How you knew, truly knew, that this person was your true love, your love of a lifetime? I hope you do.

I met my true love almost fifty years ago. I was taking out a girl from College of Notre Dame as a favor to a friend. He couldn't go out with her that weekend, and he didn't want her going out with anyone else. So he thought she'd be safe enough with me. Nope, not what you're thinking. He got what he asked for. I didn't find her the least bit attractive.

But she was late getting ready and so she sent one of her friends down to sit with me and keep me company. In a glass fishbowl so as to avoid any possibility of impropriety. The friend she sent to keep me occupied was from Honolulu, exotic as that seemed to me. She had wonderful legs, a sparkling personality, and beautiful features. By the time my "date" came downstairs I had made up my mind that I wanted to see more of this beautiful girl in front of me. And I did.

I think it was our second date. A true date this time, not like the one preceding it that had been a double-date with no chance to be alone. I think we went at a dance on the U.C. Berkley campus. I know we left that dance and the crowd behind us and eventually wound up standing below the Sather Tower, known more familiarly as the Campanile. We listened to the bell in the tower toll the hour. Whatever hour it was, it was a magical hour to us. The weather that night was perfect. The sky brilliant with stars. And I, I dared to take this beautiful wahine in my arms and kiss her. She kissed me back.

I've read stories that tell of how "she folded into his arms". Well, we did. We folded into each other's arms and began an adventure, a journey that has taken us almost fifty years now.

My point? Whenever things get dark. Whenever I begin to slip into the pit of despair. I think back to that night and the wonderful years that came after it. Years of love, of affection, of trouble at times, but always finally of love.

And so I urge you, when things look blackest, when you have nowhere else to turn, go back to that special moment of yours. That moment when you found your special someone and knew, knew absolutely, that this person was the one for you. Knew right then at this person was the one you were meant to spend all of the rest of your life with. Retrieve that memory and wrap yourself in it. Let it warm you. Let it revive you and let it help you as you go on with your life.

After all, when it comes down to it all we can take with us through this life is our memories.
Much aloha.

Editors note;
I always  look  forward to 'Herr' Blog, I  mean 'His' blog...  ;D)

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