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Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Politicians need to feel the agony..." 'Obama the Dog' (Serious Sunday's)

'Obama' the dog is today's guest blogger. Although she is named after the President, does not support his every move. Obama the dog can be seen every Wednesday at the Kapa'a Farmer's market with her best friend, James "Kimo" Rosen
Welcome to "Serious Sunday's." Sunday's will now be the day for serious matters pertaining to current events, our lives and anything of a serious nature.  Send your Serious guest blog submissions to; jrsensei@hotmail.com   Attention Publisher.

Washington is crying Budgets cuts, the state is crying budget cuts, the county is crying budget cuts.

Politicians from Washington down to the state, to your city and county council's need to feel the pain, need to know what's happening in the 'real world.'

May I propose that every single politician from the President down to local council look in the mirror and realize that one must lead by example and what better example than giving every politician a pay cut! Let them feel the pain, only when they feel the pain of no health insurance,feeling hungry, not being able to go out to dinner or work out in a fancy gym, fly first class or do the things they once took for granted.

Politicians need to feel the agony of budget cuts in their own lives before any real solutions can be tried for the worst recession in U.S. history.

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Douglas Dunn said...

Douglas Dunn via Facebook said,"I'd vote for that dog (and his namesake) any day!
And yes, I also don't support his every move (the president's, that is, though I'm sure there are moves by the dog that don't get many kudos, as well"

Susana Summers said...

love the Bamas Blog.........