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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Drugged Driving..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Prescription Drugs are as much a danger as Alcohol on the roads.
One of the most overlooked reasons for  driving accidents is not drunk driving ,texting or cell phone driving but rather new studies have shown that drugged driving is a danger to us all.
This is not illegal drugs but rather the prescription drugs that almost every adult over 55 is on one or more of these, even over the counter drugs  can effect our abilities to react in a timely manner especially the cold medications such as  NyQuil.

Diabetic drugs can effect our blood sugar glucose levels, effecting our concentration, high blood pressure medications can make us drowsy, pain killers can make us feel euphoric almost like an illegal drug and antidepressants can make us feel mellow like we have weights on our arms and legs, Just because you follow your doctors orders does not mean that your medications are safe to take while driving a motor vehicle.

  Many cities are now training  their law enforcement to recognize the behavior of people on prescribed drugs, in fact if you run a red light or are caught speeding in many cities under the influence of prescribed medications you will face the same penalties as drunk drivers face for not heeding the warnings on the  medications you take.

Courts issue penalties for DUIs, it's time prescribed drugs taken legally be added to all laws regarding DUIs when they impair ones concentration.

Pharmacists are trained and legally are there for you to ask questions, ask your pharmacist if the prescribed drugs you are taking effect your driving abilities. Taking multiple prescription drugs can have a chemical reaction similar to mixing many different alcoholic drinks, and don't even think of mixing alcohol and prescription drugs.

Take appropriate action before it's too late, "Don't take your meds and drive unless you discuss it with your doctor or pharmacist and they give you a green light. Remember a green light form your medical professionals can avoid running red lights and saving someone's life by not getting behind the wheel.
Please don't take prescription drugs and drive....if you enjoy dakinetalk tell your friends and post it on Facebook, tweet the URL and let the world know about dakine!

This blog ran as an opinion article on 08-09-11 in the Kauai Garden Island News under the title;"

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