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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Spending our money like drunken sailors..."

Politicians continue to spend money like drunken sailors, it's time to end...

How can ""we the people continue to let our elected officials spend our money like drunken sailors?
The recent article in the Garden island paper, " Council moving back to Historic County building," Got my blood pressure to a boiling point.
The article states that for the last 18 months while the county building was being renovated at a taxpayer expense of four million dollars that we the taxpaying citizens payed 30,000 a month  to lease a makeshift facility in Nawiliwili.   Do the math 30,000 x 18 is 540,000, that's over a half million dollars.    They could had bought a meeting place in this failed economy for that money. My guess is the 30,000 a month did not include electric.
The article goes on to state that another 60,000 was allocated for the move? Moving our council members desks and chairs and files? Our council members get 500.00 a month car allowance, maybe they could move their own stuff  and make good use of their 500.00 a month car allowance.
This county council is a financial nightmare, spending money like there is no recession going on. I must mention again that these are part-timer employees and their only requirement is to attend one meeting per week for which they make 56,000 a year inclusive of some of the best health insurance available. 
I recently found out that all county employees can ride the Bus for free upon showing their county ID, that means, police, fireman, county council members, lifeguards, garbageman,and every county worker basically has free transportation, why are we giving the county council members 500.00 a month for car allowance when they could ride the bus for free?
Next election remember to elect no incumbents, otherwise nothing will change.

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