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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Burritos and Wraps..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Burritos  and Wraps can be made from any food groups, the question remains what is a burrito and what is a wrap?

The Burrito has been around for centuries, The basic burrito consists of a flour tortilla filled with the likes but not limited to  beans and cheese, beef, chicken or fish.

The wrap is any kind of tortilla filled with chicken, fish, leftover Chinese food, tuna fish and at times a Caesar salad, any food group can go into a wrap.
The question remains where does one draw the line between a burrito and a wrap?  It has been said a wrap is a yuppies version of a burrito. I have heard it mentioned that real men don't eat wraps, (especially quiche wraps,) they eat burritos.
The wrap is just  a marketing tool, anything can go into a wrap just as any food group can go into a burrito even hot-dogs and peanut and jelly.
How about a burrito wrap, placing a burrito in a wrap,  or  a wrap burrito, placing a wrap in a burrito,  better yet  for a true 'rap' place the burrito on a turntable and turn up the speakers, now that's a rap~!

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