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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"The Costco dining experience..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen

"Kaua'i is very expensive, most fast food restaurants charge almost  two dollars for a soft drink, at Costco outdoor cafe you can buy a quarter pound plus hot-dog and refillable  soft drink for less than  what a soda cost's at most restaurants..."

Costco outdoor cafe in Lihue is  still the place  to go for an inexpensive  meal on the cosmic island of Kaua'i. No membership card is asked for at the outdoor cafe, so anyone, even non-members line up in the never ending lines on a daily basis.
Where else can you get a 100% 1/4 lb plus beef frank and a refillable drink for 1.50, or a chicken Caesar salad with enough volume to feed  three for $3.99. Pizza slices the size of about 2 normal slices of pizza for less than 2 bucks, ice cream sundaes for a fraction of what you pay anywhere else and 3 times as large.

Costco outdoor cafe is the place to go especially if you are a young family wanting to go out to eat, where else can a family of  6 go out and eat a meal for under ten bucks?  

Although  Costco  outdoor cafe has still not grasped the concept of roped of lines as Banks and most fast food restaurants employ where the next person goes to the next available ordering window.  

All things considered  Costco outdoor cafe is still the best bang for your dining out experience, just have patience in case you pick the wrong line and the person in front of you happens to be  ordering for the tour bus in the parking lot.

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Anonymous said...

Harmony said via facebook;"The Costco in Kapolei has the refreshment stand inside. So, you can't eat there unless you are a member. :-("

KimoRosen said...

Mahalo Harmony for that info, I guess the people on Kauai that do not have membership cards should consider themselves blessed by the Costco G-d's!about a minute ago · LikeUnlike.

KimoRosen said...

Costco, 1/4 lb hot-dog with sauerkraut and all the fixins and refillable drink for 1.50... apple and oranges, I know, however, it's affordable and were all going to die anyway....