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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"House Goats..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Inspiration Wednesday)

Guest-blogger Bettejo Dux is one of Kauai's most colorful people, she has lived on the cosmic island of Kaua'i for over 40 years... She is an animal lover, people lover and enjoys life to the fullest.Today she guest blogs about  "House Goats" and how  we must all strive to get along as one happy family...plus for a second consecutive week  an encore(Hana Hou)  of  her daughter Blu singing her award winning song on YouTube- "Kalaheo shuffle."
 Bettejo  also  publishes her own blog column.
You can check it out at ;  http://www.bettejo.wordpress.com   Besides her blog she recently published and authored the humorous fiction book, "The Scam," check it out at(www.bettejodux.com) or  on Amazon.


The night  of my daughter’s  going away  party, I had a vivid dream. My mother drifted through the scape in an attire you never hear about anymore. It was called a house coat and it was elegant. Floor length hemline, long sleeves, a zippered opening down the front so it was easy to get in and out of. Quite handy if you were naked when a neighbor came over to borrow a cup of sugar.

The next morning when I woke, two words- house goat, house goat, house goat-
kept popping up in my mind and, like a silly kid’s song, I couldn't shake them. Oopsie doopsie, my rational mind went, I’m losing it. House goat, house goat, my mind chattered back…

I went about my chores, got  boots on the right feet, food in the right pot  and rested for a moment with coffee and TGI. I rarely read the classified, but on this morning the page fell open and there, on the first page, was an ad with a picture of four darling little kids, four-legged kind, and a phone number.
House goats, of course!

On impulse -who me?- I ran for the phone, spoke with a sweet-voiced lady, got the address, checked my stash and found two freshly printed Benjamin's, the ink was still wet, called my grand-daughter and in a manner of minutes, no make-up, work clothes and boots, set out in a dilapidated van for the farm. Got lost twice but finally found it. Through the gates we dashed, almost running down a gathering of folks dressed pretty much like me and a paddock full of bouncers.

Louisa, their darling two-legged mother, selected a neutered billy, a white nanny, showed me how to feed them, fed me a cookie, took my money and sent me home. I named the little white, who has the pinkest bottom I've ever seen, Kim, and the black and white billy, Bill.

Stopped en route to buy a huge bucket of powdered goats milk, I adopted an unweaned pair, a stainless steel bowl, a whisk to beat the hell out of it , and drove home fresh out of Benjamin's, wet or dry, to settle the kids in. They were three weeks old, about twenty pounds with an over-supply of eight-legged energy. Out the windows went their bright eyes watching the road roll by, their bleating young and gay.

I know that one of the most dangerous things to do with any animal is to introduce it into a new environment and these kids had to meet a huge black Rotshep, a big red horse, a macaw, lots of chickens and three cats, but I have a theory that everyone learns to get along, be family, when they smell alike. I busied myself petting the kids, patting the horse, grooming the dog and pulling the parrot’s tail. Before long we all smelled alike. Horse, goat, dog, cat, parrot and human Eau De Perfume. I should bottle it….

Bettejo has a blog of her own you can check out at ; http://www.bettejo.wordpress.com  

Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is...Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen, Publisher.


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Anonymous said...

Harmony said via facebook;"Amazing how house coats can become house goats!"