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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Kimo's Doctored up dakine chili..."

Adding fresh vegetables to canned chili makes it taste
home-made. I used all the vegetables and spices above.

Da food Doctor, PHD
Cut up all vegetables and put in microwave
safe dish, then add the can of chili and approximately 1/3 cup water.

   My favorite place to shop is Costco, I fall victim to  the free food  samples and wind up buying quite a few. A few weeks back I stumbled upon Hormel's special reserve Chili, by far the best canned chili I have ever tasted. I bought case of  eight  for $9.95 and the chili winds up costing 1.25 per 15 oz. can. Usually I do not like canned food, this is the exception.

I decided to do with a can of chili, what I usually do with a pizza and that is doctor it up. I added bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, red onions, fresh garlic and fresh grape tomatoes along with finely cut fresh ginger.  I combine all these ingredients into a microwave save bowl,l then added the can of chili and about one third can of water. Microwaved for a total time of approximately 4 minutes, I took it out and stirred and put back for another 4 minutes.

For  gourmet chili at a reasonable price, just doctor the chili like you would a pizza. You can add what ever you like, sausage, hamburger, celery, whatever is  around the house, however you won't go wrong with my recipe above!

Served on a bed of brown rice,  red potatoes, and carrots. Cook the potatoes, carrots and brown rice all together and it makes for a great healthy carb...

Now put in microwave and serve on a bed of brown rice-red potato and carrots, makes for three filling meals...

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