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Monday, July 2, 2012

"Happy dumpster diving my friends..!" James "Kimo" Rosen

One of many local treasures I have
come across in dumpster  searches
across Kaua'i...
Washing some of my treasures in
my stainless steal sink...
It really amazes me what  stores throw away in their dumpsters.
I have lived a good majority of my life on a shoestring budget, when I see fresh fruits and vegetables in the dumpsters because maybe 5 cherries were soft in a 5 lb box, or throwing away a 5 lb bag of apples with one bruised apple. I find it disheartening.

I grew up in the generation were parents always said, "eat all the food on your plate since people in India are starving." Hell, people in America are starving.

It's ironic too, that many deli's like Safeway, Foodland and Costco must throw out their unsold huli huli and rotisserie style chickens and many other perishable type deli products each day since they could  be  threatened with lawsuits if they were to give it away and somebody got sick. Plus if they gave it away they would lose potential revenues. You would be amazed at the amounts of goods thrown away each day.

There are "Freegans" out there, people who thrive of dumpster diving, not because they are poor, but because the sport of recycling gives them a rush. I am one of those people. I love discovering dumpster treasures, it's like a fisherman finding that perfect spot and catching fish after fish. Like the fisherman I keep many of my finds a secret. I cannot tell you where it is  because part of the fun is finding it for yourselves

 Happy dumpster diving my friends!
Always carry a few re-usable
shopping bags for discovering
treasures...This treasure
was discovered just last week!

 For more information google, "Freegan!"


Bettejo Dux said...

"Bettejo wrote: "If you hadn't told me it was 'dumpster diving' I'd have thought it was a fruit and vegetable bin in Big Save. It's awful, isn't it, in a country whee one out of four kids go to bed hungry, we toss tons of good food away. Still wondering what I'll e hosting on your blog tomorrow. Be sure everybody to google bettejo and read my column, too. Enjoy enjoy Fun lunch, hesterday, KIMO. Great picture. Peace love Bettejo

KimoRosen said...

It just amazes me what stores throw away, first they are scared if they give it away and somebody gets sick they will be sued and second if they give food away they lose potential customers. Why should people pay when they can it for free? Therefore you must be vigilant and check your local supermarket dumpsters, restaurants, big box stores etc. Good luck!

Douglas Dunn said...

" Read this earlier, when it was posted at the blog."

KimoRosen said...

DD, 10-4, I posted again because some told me they couldn't download it? Bettejo's guest blog is coming later today!

Douglas Dunn said...

" There may have been a problem with it; I am subscribed to get "Dakinetalk" directly into my e-mail instead of going to the site, so if there was any problem, it may have been different for those who don't enjoy the convenience of Dakinetalk in their in-box!"

Davis "3-D" Danizier said...

"I also get my daily dose of Dakinetalk via e-mail"

KimoRosen said...

Mahalos 2-D and 3-D!2 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.

Bettejo Dux said...

"I'm gonna do a DD Broth column. I'm inspired. Poor Skywriter is going on a back burner. Still 'testing 'the waters' at the discussion site. KIMO you must know where the body's buried. Your face always shows up on the right of my screen when I check into TGI. they don't do that for me. should I drag out the nude? That's a tee hee Have you recovered from my diatribe yesterday? Love'ya Bettejo"

KimoRosen said...

that's because it' set up to not see your own face, ie. your face shows up on my TGI site. Cpmputers know, it's facebook friends and a random sampling if you don't have a lot of FB friends.

Erin Orshal said...

I've been trying to find out the actual laws regarding dumpster diving. Every time I've been "caught" I've just walked away and problem solved. Still, if like to know the extent/limit of our actual DD rights.

the US Supreme Court (and a court in HI) ruled that once a private citizen's trash hits public property (I.e. E curb,) they no longer have the expectation of privacy, and the goods are free to whoever wants them. This is not the case for corporate garbage. The primary legal concern for a DD is trespassing but it rarely comes to that if we act appropriately.

Have you been hassled at all when DD at grocery stores? And do you have any specific information as to the local laws on the issue?

Erin Orshal said...

I'd love to someday host a Dumpster Potluck and invite people to share some tasty dishes they've concocted via DD!