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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Love..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Classic Wednesday)

Guest-blogger Bettejo Dux is one of Kauai's most colorful people, she has lived on the cosmic island of Kaua'i for over 40 years... She is an animal lover, people lover and enjoys life to the fullest.Today's blog is full of "Love.." Enjoy...


The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.” Robert Louis Stevenson. I swallowed that whole. My father bought me A Child’s Garden of Versus when I was a little girl. He filled my life with books, animals, my own room,  clean sheets,  a right to roam the woods, walk in the rain and climb trees.

Maybe that’s another reason why I didn't fall in love with the Great Father in the Sky, I had a perfectly good one right here on earth.

My father taught me to love so many things the list would  fill  three hundred pages.
Art? I love Georgia O’Keefe. The Impressionists, all of them. Modigliani and the great tragedy in his life has always made me cry while his portraits fill me with great joy.

Music? I sing along with Verdi. Cry with Puccini. Mozart. Sibelius. Loved the Beetles when it came time for that.

Dance? Wow! Ginger Rogers. Fred Astaire. Learned to love ballet later in life. Actually I taught ballet bar and center exercises in Manila and also at Kaneohe Marine base when the troops deployed for Vietnam. Today Billy Eliot is my newest best friend.

Architecture?  Frank Lloyd Wright. His Waterfall House sends my heart spinning. My youngest kid is an architect in Honolulu.

Drama? Don’t get me started. I was born an actress. Took to the theater like the moon takes to the sky. I love George Bernard Shaw best. Would love to do  Joan but I’m not built for it. She was androgynous, I’m  a little too round. Did  Eliza Dolittle in a musical skit, not the entire thing. Also  Susan B. Anthony. Fell in love with the American feminists,  I identify with Alice Paul.

Okay, I’m just a ninny, a beginner, not too deeply involved in any of these grand human gifts, not a connoisseur, but they are there in my store house and-guess what?-they can never be removed.
I love this planet- it sounds so stupid- but I've never found a better way to express it. I love it. If there were a god who created it, I could worship him; but another of my loves is mythology, which my father introduced me to early , so I think, if anybody created it, Gaea did. Trees, flowers, the sky, the sea, the grass, the birds….

Fell in love with the philosophers early. Spinoza. Bertrand Russell. Corliss Lamont. Voltaire.
Where am I going with this? Am I just patting myself on the back because I lived a loving and culturally enriched life?
One of  the curses laid on my head by the god icons on-line was that I live a hundred years and watch everything I love die.

If everything I loved died, everything on the planet-the planet, too- would die and, if that happened, so would  their earthly paradise. The sad part  is so many of them pray for this to happen.
I wish I could share all I love with them.


Bettejo  also  publishes her own blog column.
You can check it out at ;  http://www.bettejo.wordpress.com   Besides her blog she recently published and authored the humorous fiction book, "The Scam," check it out at(www.bettejodux.com) or  on Amazon.

Hard to argue:

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Chester "Unc" Lau said...

via facebook;"Love is a two way street,here is one back to you,love ya :-)"