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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"You can always find self gratification elsewhere..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

"The journey of political office was short lived..."

A good politician needs endorsements from many, not something you just want to do for self gratification. One can always find self gratification elsewhere.

 The last two years I thought I would give it a try, however after a market survey conducted by reading comments about myself in the Letter's to the editor section of the local paper and just asking people point blank what they thought of me running for political office, was found to be mostly negative. I didn't have to hire a consulting firm, I just stood on the street corner for 2 hours with a sign displaying my name for county council, and I received one honk and many one fingered peace signs.

I feel relieved I did not take the plunge.  The handshaking  is especially hard being a germ-phobic and declining hand shakes is  not going to win elections, plus lying is something I find hard to do.

 The other thing I find hard to do is something most woman politicians and some men politicians do, they make campaign posters and literature with head shots of themselves from 20 years ago.

I met a woman running for public office a few years back and had only seen her campaign posters, when I saw her in person I thought I was seeing her mother.
Thick skin is a must to run for a political office and I am proud to say my skin  is not thick although my waistline is another story.

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