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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Drug And Alcohol Free..." 'Obama Da Dog"

Obama Da Dog hopes everyone had a great Passover! ;D)

It's all in the words. When I see a concert advertised as drug and alcohol free, I think wow, free alcohol and drugs, how do they get away with that.

There is an old expression and one of my favorites, "Only the guilty speak."  When the first kid to say I didn't throw that spitball is  usually the one who did it.  In the same essence alcohol and drug free means exactly that.  Why even mention it and get people thinking about drugs or alcohol?  You don't advertise going to  church, or going to the shopping mall as alcohol and drug free because it's a given, it's obvious.  

Sometimes your better off just saying nothing. Did I mention this blog is alcohol and drug free...

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