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Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Paula Deen is not a Serial Killer.." 'James "Kimo" Rosen'

Racial slurs are an everyday thing on Kaua'i, one must have thick skin to withstand
all the racial inequality in the "Aloha State."
Hawaii News Now reports about a new anti-haole t-shirt selling at a skateboard shop in Honolulu, and they think Paula Deen is a racist!?

Paula Deen is being treated as a serial killer for saying the "N" word 30 years
ago, all while many in Hawai'i degrade white people with the "H" word in the open, oy vey.

Paula Deen is not a Serial Killer

Celebrity  Chef Paula Deen has been accused of using the "N" word and making racial slurs about plantation life in the south. Deen says she may have used the 'N" word 30 years ago during an attack but claims she is not a racist

Why all the controversy, after-all it's not like she is a serial killer? Rappers use the "N" word all the time, yet  one white  person who admits to using the "N" word 30 years ago is currently being burnt to the stake.

 The Food network fired  her, and several companies have suspended ties in marketing relationships due to her  use of the "N" word. The media is chastising her and treating her like a serial killer,  all while the man  responsible for the Boston marathon bombings is being treated more humane than Deen.

It's a fact that racism  is still alive and well, especially in the Aloha state of Hawai'i where I have resided the past 13 years.
 It's a place where whites are hated and the 'H' word (Haole) is equivalent to the 'N' word. I understand racism and feel bad for Ms. Deen.

People in Hawai'i freely use racial slurs as a way of life, many say it's a cultural thing and no harm intended, while others still feel offended.

Maybe Paual Deen should move to Hawai'i and see what  it feels like when the shoe is on the other foot and she is the minority being slammed?
I think this would be an adequate punishment, no need to crucify her any longer in the media, just have her move to the Aloha state of racism where Caucasian people learn to grow thick skin or move back to where they came from.

 Ironically during this whole media which hunt the  sales of the celebrity chef’s upcoming cookbook have skyrocketed.
Deen’s latest book, “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up,” has jumped all the way to No. 1 on Amazon’s best-seller’s list and No. 7 on the Barnes & Noble Top 100 in advance of its scheduled release. 

Let those without sin be the first to cast their stone, it's time to let bygones be bygones...God bless you Paula Deen.

Hana Hou,(Encore) Shared from Facebook...


Chuck Lasker said...

via Facebook," You're just a contrarian."

KimoRosen said...

not there's anything wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

It's all about profit, isn't it? Had Paula Deen been Martha Steward, she'd still have an over-priced line at stores such as Macy's.

Some lovely "natives" on the Hawaiian islands; but, brutal racism exists.

On a sad note, it is not unusual for Caucasians to be murdered, beaten half to death, (left to live out life with permanent disability), and/or sexually assaulted by locals.

Jumped from behind by a band of such thugs, kicked in the head and kidneys.

Kill Haole day is so pervasive,it is found in Wikipedia.

It's the barbarism of the Islands. Then, too often crimes on Caucasians are covered-up in the courts.

This was the case in the murder of witness, Aureo Moore. Supposedly, Mel Rapozo was a "Special Investigator" hired and paid with Kauai Tax $$$$, by Prosecutor. Compelling evidence, to the murder of Moore, was supressed.

The derogatory term for a "local" is "coconut head." But, one local can call another local a "coconut head." It's kinda like one black person calling another the "N" word. However, a Caucasian calling a local a "coconut head?"

KimoRosen said...

Anonymous, I know you and agree! never knew the term you said about locals?

KimoRosen said...

anonymous, what chu tink bout the anti-Haole t-shirt and the skateboard shop owners reason for making it? pretty lame if you ask me?

Anonymous said...

KimObama, I agree with you, the Anti-Haole t-shirts are inappropriate.

If Causcasians were not being brutalized, raped, and murdered, perhaps such a "message by t-shirt" might have a completely different meaning.

That the owner of the shop attempted to minimize the facts, and ignore the elephant in the room, speaks volumes.

Elaine Albertson said...

The t-shirt was intended as an "inside joke" because "Haole" is a brand of board. It doesn't come off that way, though, as most people aren't "in" on the joke. Deen is catching it so hard not merely because of using the N-word, but because of the racist practices in which she and her brother engaged in their businesses, and those did not occur 30 years ago. Her apologies, while emotional and extensive, did not even address the business practices but only the allusions to language, and therefore don't hold a lot of weight with me.

KimoRosen said...

Elaine, imagine a t-shirt as an inside joke that said Anti-'N" word? it would create a national riot!