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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Too Much Talk Story..." 'Obama Da Dog'

Sometimes you just want to be invisible and avoid people
while riding a bike or in the grocery store....

Too Much Talk Story

Talk story is what people on a small island like to do, some call it shooting the breeze, Jewish people call it kibbutzing, In Hawaii we call it talking story.

I ride a bike as my primary means of transportation. I  always pass people walking that feel the urge to stop me and tell me all their problems. First of all I am not a  bicycle riding  psychiatrist and by the time you ride 3 miles and pass five people you may know, all wanting to talk story, it get's tiring.

Then it's onto the grocery store where I try avoiding people I know  in the isles because they are going to tell me about their new sickness,  or how their neighbors are bothering them, or how their gardener just ripped them off, to hundreds of stupid jokes I laugh at only to be polite.

I know understand why the majority of people in my community drive large pick-up trucks with tinted windshields. They can avoid all the riffraff of being a sitting duck while riding a bicycle.  

There's no denying anyone running into people in the grocery store you just don't want to talk story with. 
When this happens, I always say I have viral pneumonia and I am still contagious, and when they want to shake hands I tell them that the  rash on my hand is the herpes virus, if all else fails I place fake cold sores on my lips and ask if it's OK if I kiss them!  Works every time!

Oy, the problems of living in a small community.

Hana Hou,(Encore) Shared From Facebook


Harmony Bentosino said...

Looks like you should move to Oahu where you could be more anonymous.

KimoRosen said...