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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Welcome To The 21st Century..." 'Obama Da Dog' (Source)

Obama Da Dog  talks about the 21st century. Obama Da dog currently resides
on the Hawai'ian island of Kaua'i with her best friend James "Kimo" Rosen


*Our Phones ~ Wireless

*Cooking ~ Fireless

*Cars ~ Keyless

*Food ~ Fatless

*Tires ~ Tubeless

*Dress ~ Sleeveless

*Youth ~ Jobless

*Leaders ~ Shameless

*Relationships ~ Meaningless

*Attitude ~ Careless

*Wives ~ Fearless

*Babies ~ Fatherless

*Feelings ~ Heartless

*Education ~ Valueless

*Children ~ Mannerless

Everything is becoming LESS but still our hopes are~ Endless.
In fact we are ~ Speechless

And The GOP  is


Hana Hou, (Encore) shared From Facebook....


Ronald "Martini" Ostroff said...

Hmmm I hope your girlfriend isn't toothless

KimoRosen said...

LTMS (laughing to myself silently) ;D)

Deborah Morel said...

ObamaGirl, you are one clever pup.

Gorgeous photo; I wish I had sheen in my hair like you have on your coat.

Obama Da Dog said...

Mahalos D- your also pretty darn clever! ;D)

Deborah Morel said...

Thank you Obama Da Dog, but, hands down, you are clearly more up on a wide range of current affairs than I.

You even have the scoop on the contemporary power fashion of American women--sleeveless dresses.

Who would have ever expected this? Can thank the First Lady, Michelle Obama, for this trend.

Although, high powered European and British women, nor royalty are following "suit."

I will look forward to your next story!