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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Councilman Bynum needs to resign, biting the hand that feeds you..." 'James"Kimo" Rosen"

Kaua'i councilman Tim Bynum on left while Ed Justus co-owner of Talk Story bookstore
looks on during the 2010 county council primary debates at Kapa'a elementary school.
Bynum is currently biting the hand that feeds him.

Councilman Bynum needs to resign

Kaua'i county Councilman Tim Bynum needs to resign or we the people need to impeach him. There is a major conflict of interest going on when an employee is suing his employer and the employee continues to work.There's an old expression and it goes like this, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you.!"  Mr. Bynum is biting hard

 Tim Bynum makes decent money as a Kaua'i county councilman,  $56,781 a year, $500.00 a month car allowance, free bus rides anywhere the bus goes, and  some of the best health insurance available for what is deemed a part time job.

The incident  Bynum is suing over is referred to in the Kaua'i underworld as "Rice-Cooker Gate."  The  lawsuit filed by Bynum states former prosecutor  Iseri-Carvalho and planning inspector Miyake had ulterior motives to go after him. Miyake had no warrant and illegally trespassed onto Bynum’s property, charged him with a zoning violation and then send it to Iseri-Carvalho for criminal prosecution. Allegedly all over a rice-cooker. (hence, Rice-Cooker-Gate)

I am no fan of Iseri Carvalho either with all of her alleged racist remarks and actions, however she lost the last election as prosecutor to a fine man, Justin Kollar. Both Iseri Carvalho and Bynum  are abusing the system and costing taxpayers millions! I am concentrating this blog on Tim because he remains an elected official

So far the county council has approved at least $511,000 in private attorney fees in the case and according to the Garden island's recent article "$511 K  and counting," county attorney Al Castillo said," just to go through the discovery process may cost an additional  $250,000, and going to trial may cost another $500,000."

I do believe Mr. Bynum was prejudiced against, however who on this island hasn't been prejudiced against? I believe this case needs to be settled before millions are dished out and Kauai becomes the laughing stock of the political world.

Mr. Bynum needs a settlement to close this case and not put the tax payers out even more in these days of sequester cuts.  Bynum needs to resign and the county needs to settle. 

Give Bynum a decent  payout  with the terms he resign and have him live happily ever after away from biting the hand that feeds him.

There's an  old joke, "How do you know when a politician is lying?" As soon as they open their mouth." Politician may be substituted with lawyer, so in this case when you have the plaintiff a politician and the defendant a lawyer-prosecutor, sparks will soar, fire will ignite, and  chaos will arise!  

Please, before it's too late and for the benefit of us all,  just settle!

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I get no respect. The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest.

..................................... Rodney Dangerfield


Deborah Morel said...

I don't know, Kimo. Kauai is so whacko, spinning on its side. One employee, or employer, is harassing, terrorizing, assaulting, damaging moral character, of another at epidemic proportions. This is what happens mostly in the Kauai workplace. Little gets done; forget about progress. Tax payers' money is doled out in settlements by the hundred of thousands. The people, who are supposedly leaders, are self-serving, and do not care about ethics, professionalism, or who is being harmed in the wake of the games that are being played. For instance, why is there yet no inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for the young people on Kauai--now over 4 years since Mayor Carvalho's promise? So many young people are taking their lives by suicide, and dying by overdoses. What's wrong with the leaders, who have blown nearly a million $$ in the last year in litigation? A rehab center could have been built years ago, and with little effort. There's no bloody excuse. So, as far as the litigation around Tim Bynum, that Iseri-Carvalho cooked-up, it is just one more assault on a Caucasian from a local...all the while children are killing themselves.

KimoRosen said...

I agree with you Deborah, I am no fan of Iseri Carvalho however I still feel Bynum should not be working for the people he's suing. To take this to trial will cost millions, settle so we (taxpayers) do not have to cut even more programs like "Headstart" and "meals on wheels." I know Bynum was prejudiced against, what Caucasian isn't on Kauai, doesn't make it right, but still he should not be serving the same people he is suing.

KimoRosen said...

D- please feel feel to guest-blog about the new chapter in your life. I look forward to it!
about a minute ago · Like

Ami Thea said...

I had similar thoughts... However, if his accusations are true, Iseri-Carvalhos actions were reprehensible and she needs to be punished. ... But seriously!? WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!

KimoRosen said...

Ami, I agree and with that said I am no fan of Char, or Tim, there both abusing the system and costing taxpayers millions!

KimoRosen said...

I added to the blog the following paragraph, "I am no fan of Iseri Carvalho either with all of her alleged racist remarks and actions, however she lost the last election as prosecutor to a fine man, Justin Kollar. Both Iseri Carvalho and Bynum are abusing the system and costing taxpayers millions! I am concentrating this blog on Tim because he remains an elected official..."

Ami Thea said...

nice addition

KimoRosen said...


Deborah Morel said...

I agree with you, Kimo. There is complete systemic failure in all departments on Kauai. What drives this? Racism, corruption, incompetence, and greed. The only presence in Hawaii that remotely resembles the USA is our Armed Forces. What a glaring difference between what is running SOH and Kauai County departments, and our US soldiers. Thanks Kimo

Deborah Morel said...

Thanks Kimo for an opportunity to guest blog about the new chapter in my life. Love your new photo album on your Facebook. Very nice.

KimoRosen said...

anytime! whenever your ready!