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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Superferry, Plastic Bags and GMO's..." 'James "kimo" Rosen'

One of the many bring back Da Superferry rallies I organized...

Aloha, check out my opinion article in the  (07-15-213)  edition of the Kaua'i Garden Island News,"Pro GMO, plastic bags, Superferry..."

The Superferry, Plastic Bags and GMO's

Please consider this blog a public tweet to Kaua'i County Councilman's Bynum and Hooser...

My fantasy and dream  is to ride the Superferry to Oahu and purchase farm fresh GMO select Atlantic salmon and fresh GMO corn on the cob and bring it home to the Cosmic Garden Island of Kaua'i  in plastic bags.

The airlines have locked in a monopoly and charge outrageous prices just to go 80 miles to Oahu, all because we have no other  way to get off island besides high priced airfares. Mr. Hooser was instrumental in the Superferry leaving Hawaii which in turn created un-affordable airfare prices for the average person to get off island.

Paper has replaced plastic, the original bill was to get people to use re-usable cloth bags, now ironically  grocery stores  use paper which in turn destroys our forests buy cutting down tree's. Mr. Bynum co-authored the original bill that outlawed plastic bags which has created a paper bag mess.

To abandon GMO science  is like saying global warming doesn't exist. Both Bynum and Hooser are co-authoring an anti-GMO bill.

I say councilman Bynum and Hooser maybe losers come next election.

Bring back da  Superferry, plastic bags and keep GMO science alive. You bet I'm serious!

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...

Aloha, check out my opinion article in  the   (07-15-213) edition  of the Kaua'i Garden Island News,"Pro GMO, plastic bags, Superferry..."


Chester "Unc" Lau said...

Dump da pols who no care for da votahs !!!

KimoRosen said...

Hey Unc, as you say," politicians are like diapers, they all stink and need to be changed often!"

Deborah Morel said...

Kimo Rosen, the Garden Isle's own Andy Rooney!