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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Friends..." 'Bettejo Dux' (Classic Wednesday)

An early birthday for Bettejo as she blows out the candle
on a freshly picked organic Mango. Happy early Birthday Bettejo! 

Bettejo Dux has lived on the cosmic garden island
of Kaua'i over 30 years. She is an animal lover, people lover and lover of life.
Today Bettejo blogs about  her friends at Talkstory Bookstore...Enjoy!
She will be 83 years young next  week and is still active in life and community.

You can order a copy of her Novella "The Scam "below.www.bettejodux.com

My grandfather taught me, “True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare, false ones like autumn leaves found everywhere.” Does anyone remember autograph books? I used to quote  this little ditty in all the books I signed.

I’m not a people collector. Many writers are not. I was born a wordsmith-it’s the Irish in me.. My mother said I was “…born with my tongue tied in the middle and wagging at both ends.” It’s lucky for the world there’s ink and paper, otherwise you’d all be deaf.

But I love friends. I’m very proud of the friends I’ve made. So many wonderful people. New ones keep popping in. Old ones- not false ones-often take another path. We meet.  We smile. Exchange tid- bits. Wave. Move on.

I’m thinking of a wonderful  pair, Cynthia and Ed Justus at the Talkstory Bookstore in Hanapepe. Cynthia with her glorious  red hair is almost like a new one. She ‘s gorgeous. Always was, but today, holy moly. The last time I saw her, my hear skipped a beat.  I thought Ed had got himself a new wife.

These two started collecting awards for their book store years ago and never stopped. They need  a new wall and some more shelves to hold all the framed documents and  trophies.  I love sitting in Talkstory on a Friday Festival and Art Night.   I call it a ‘people’s party’. To sit there, signing books is a treat. People come from all over Kauai, all over Hawaii, all over the world. If you love and need to collect people-for a moment-take this in. Starts about 5:30.  Ends about 9:00.

The food. The aroma. Those scrumptious pies and the-I’m running out of adjectives- delicious girls who bake and sell them.  The fish photographer. The folk art.  The music. The sheer joyful moments that surround the place, like frosting on a cake, are to be devoured by the senses. It’s an emotional high that youngs the heart and the mind. Hanapepe is still old Hawaii. Roosters are a feature. Part of nature’s wonder. Artists paint them. Sweet, wonderful dogs- some free, some leashed- are part of this remarkable scene.

It’s like the old song, “Oh give me a street where the lap doodles meet, and the young and the old folks abound…”

Occasionally we even get a celebrity. On Kauai we smile and let them roam free, too.

I’m waiting for George Clooney. When his hat and his wig fall off, I’ll never tell. There’s a perfect part for him in "The Scam." There’s even a swig of white wine in a honey bottle to quench his thirst.
(order your copy  Bettejo's best selling book "The Scam" at www.bettejodux.com )

I could watch The Men Who Stare at Goats until I go blind. My favorite line, I can’t even write about it-it wasn’t George’s-”…the silence of the goas,” always cracks me up.

It’s  rare to  see a film about the killing machine that’s full of humor, magic, fun.

Come to Hanapepe any Friday night and enjoy the humor, magic, fun and friends that are there.  For free.

You can check out and like "Talk Story" on Facebook at;


"Have you ever noticed...when you put the words "the" and "IRS" together, it spells "theirs."     

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...


Deborah Morel said...

Happy Birthday Bettejo! Love reading your stories.

KimoRosen said...

Bettejo, my father told me you can go through life and be lucky to count true friend on one hand. Many acquaintances but true friend is another story. You can know your true friends by those who offer to help you move or drive you to the airport.

Diana LaRussa said...

I guess I'm doing pretty good then at 1.

KimoRosen said...

Yes doing great, better than zero!

Bettejo Dux said...

Well I found me. I ove the goofy picture. Send it to Pete. He'll love it.

KimoRosen said...

how did you like the cartoons at the end? the Hana Hou?
A few seconds ago · Like