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Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Fond Memories of Halloween..." 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Sunday)

Judith Whitehead  lives in Amherst, N.Y. and has
worked in the ophthalmology field of medicine for
over 30 years. Today she talks about her memories 

of  Halloween...Enjoy

Fond Memories of Halloween

Soon it will be an all American, fun holiday to celebrate once again this year, All Hallows night or as we all know it as Halloween.  Every year this holiday brings back many fond memories of celebrating  as ayoung child growing up in Buffalo.  

October can be a chancy season here in Buffalo; I can remember
going trick or treating in rain, snow and very cold weather.  Some years we would have to wear winter coats over our costumes in the cold;  we would not let the rain or wind keep us from going out. 

 My dad would fashion a trick or treat “box” for me to carry some seasons.  He would make a  box with a  string
that would go over my shoulder to carry all my loot home.  It was awkward to  carry but I would never
hurt his feelings and I would always go along with his ideas; he was always the one to take me out every

My mom would stay home and give out the candy,  that was her job.  We would cover as many homes as we could until I got tired; he carried the flashlight and kept a very close eye on me.  At that
point, it was then his job to carry the heavy box home and  sift through for the safe candy to eat.  

Back in those early days some  people would give out apples; I always knew when I got one placed in my box, it made a clunking  noise and made the box even heavier.  We also carried a box to collect Unicef money, back then for donations, what ever happened to those… 

I went trick or treating for many years until I
was too old to continue the tradition and then transformed into the door guard and babysitter for  otherkids for the holiday.  

All too soon, I  had my own children to carry on the tradition with.  I knew how disappointing it was to have to cover up a costume in bad weather so we would drape clear dry cleaning
bags over our children’s costumes so others could enjoy them as well. It was “dads” job to escort the boys out while I stayed home to give out the candy.  Seeing the other children dressed up was also part of the joy of the holiday. 

Halloween  has become quite a money maker over the years; today the costumes are quite intricate. Nolonger do the plastic molded masks exist that used to suffocate and  poke us in the face.  The costumes are quite lifelike and comfortable and much more imaginative.  I start early in October decorating the porch with
festive decorations, witches and pumpkins with candles and lights. 

 The stores start carrying candy a fewmonths prior to capture the sales; candy is not so  cheap any longer to give out.  We live in a highly populated area of young families with many children and it is not unusual to give out over 100 pieces of candy in a few short hours.  

I still get a charge out of their little faces reaching into my Hallmark  witches book that talks,  to pick out their candy selection.  I start buying candy several weeks in advance to “stock” up  for the crowd.  My children are now grown up and go to their adult parties and still dress up.

I will forever hold on to the memories of celebrating Halloween with my dad; every year they come rushing back to me and still bring a smile to my face when I remember them.  They were innocent and uncomplicated years  to grow up in as compared to today. So let’s hope the weather holds out this year;my camera is ready and so is my decorated  porch and the Hallmark box is ready and full.  

May you all have a Happy   and Safe Halloween this year.

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KimoRosen said...

Where I live we have zero Halloweeners. I live in a 55 year older and disabled place behind the state mental hospital, people are scared to bring their kids where I live.

Judith Whitehead said...


Harmony Bentosino said...

Halloween has become as much an adult holiday as it is for kids. Just walk through Waikiki on Halloween night, & you will see!