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Thursday, October 10, 2013

"The Irony of The TV Business..." 'Obama Da Dog'

Obama Da Dog blogs about the irony of the TV Industry...

The Irony of The TV Business

One of the greatest drama series on cable,"Breaking Bad"  recently aired their series grand finale. The TV show had become more and more popular every year for the last five years of  it's reign. The last episode  had over 10 million viewers, for cable those are Superbowl  type ratings.

I find it ironic that many  television shows end at their peek  of popularity. It seems if they're doing so well, employing many people and making money, why end the series?

Imagine in business after reaching your pinnacle of  sales you just decide to go out of business? Imagine Hershey chocolate deciding to quit business when sales are at a record high? Imagine any company that's peaking financially deciding to quit?

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Ronald "Martini" Ostroff said...

When the magic dies it is all over. The difference between Hershey's kisses and the Beatles or breaking bad is the magic. Hershey's magic is chocolate which will always be there. Mix some of this with some of that. Do this and don't do that and presto you have yummy candy, yesterday, today, tomorrow yummy chocolate. Mixing people is a different story. As time goes by, the magic slowly dies as it almost always does among a group of talented people. People change. Inspiration fades, the well runs dry. It is as if Hershey's started to use less chocolate and cocoa butter and more and more sugar. Sooner or later the magic would be gone. The creative minds of breaking bad pulled the plug because they didn't want to cheapen it.
Also, having a zillion dollars always helps

KimoRosen said...

Well said Cuz!

Facebook Likes said...

You and Deborah Morel like this