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Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Death, taxes and eating organic..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' This blog also appeared as my column in the 11-05-13 , Kaua'i garden Island news

Death, taxes and eating organic

If carbonated beverages, hot dogs, french fries and fried chicken also known as comfort foods were known as healthy alternative foods would you eat them more often? How many people actually given the choice between the perfect french fries or carrot sticks, would choose carrot sticks? My guess is the majority would prefer french fries? 

Recently  a big box store sold a batch of organic berries from Oregon where 87 people nationwide including  5 people in Hawai'i  contacted the  Hepatitis A virus.

Sometimes eating organic really is not that healthy after all. There have been numerous accounts of organic produce, meats and poultry being recalled for salmonella, botulism, E.coli  and many other life threatening diseases. I have never heard of a GMO being recalled, but that's for another column.

Pesticides can be used in the growing of “organic” vegetables and fruits, and often are. They just must be derived from natural sources, not synthetically manufactured. My question, is this any better? Not to me.  Just because it’s a “natural” pesticide,  doesn't necessarily mean it’s safer or even good for you. For further reading check out the article;"Eating Organic may be harmful-  the truth behind organic produce."

Did you know that the french fries at Burger King  are cooked in trans fat-free vegetable oil and do not contain animal products,while the side salad ranch dressing alone has 240 calories--ironically, making the value sized  french fries with 200 calories a more healthy alternative to a side salad and dressing.

My brother in laws brother a strict vegetarian for many years and the poster child for eating healthy died a young man at age 53 from Leukemia. An obese friend of mine who ate almost anything  she desired her whole life lived into her mid 80's.

What really aids longevity? Some say happiness, some say diet, some say genetics? Nobody can answer why a smoker may live longer than a non smoker, or why a junk food junkie can live longer than a someone practicing a strict vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Kauai has a huge alternative vegan and vegetarian culture believing they are living a healthier lifestyle. For some it may be true, for others it may not. There are people that need the proteins from meat, poultry and fish to function optimally, while others can get by without.

The answer seems  different with everyone.
Is it possible many things we know are wrong concerning health? Could it be that the all American hot dog is the new health food? Remember one mans meat is another mans poison.

I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, "Try organic food...or as our grandparents called it, "Food!" My favorite organic food joke; the wife says to the produce manager,"these vegetables are for my husband, have they been sprayed with any poisonous chemicals?" The produce manager replies, "No, ma'am,you'll have to do that yourself." 

Whether it's fat free, sugar free, or gluten free, or whether your a carnivore, vegetarian , vegan, hot dog junkie or keep kosher. One things for sure-- death, taxes and eating organic, nobody's getting out of here alive.

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Christine Myrvall said...


Robert Bitos Gandia said...

Excellent read Kimo!!

Diana LaRussa said...

Thanks for the POV.

KimoRosen said...

some people are just dealt a bad deck, others just the opposite...

Pro GMO Hawai'i said...

Nice article yesterday!

Jaana Makipaa said...

That was brilliant! And so true. The vegan friend I mentioned to you is sick all the time, despite the fact that she really is very knowledgable of diet & what the body needs, so I trust she is getting proper nutrition.

But, who am I to talk. And, this may be my biggest problem. I do have chronic illness (mostly genetically inherited diseases), so, I'm not exactly a "poster child" of health. If anyone understood the level of pain I live with, they would understand why I'm not exactly hung up on living a long life. I don't mean that to sound morbid or as if I have no interest in living, but it's a reality. I will certainly like to live another 10-20 years, but not if my condition worsens. I'm still trying to do the best I can to stay healthy, but, sheesh... I only have one life to live and I really like to enjoy my meals.

Anyway, this makes me an even easier target for people who wish to tell me I am sick because GMOs etc. and it offends me deeply.