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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Was DA night bafo' Christmas..." 'Sista Obama Da Dog' (From da facebook source)

Happy Holidays!

Was DA night bafo' Christmas

 Was DA night bafo' Christmas, and all ova' DA place, Not even DA

Geckos was showin' their face.

Da stockings was hangin' on top DA TV

('Cause no MO fireplace in Hawai'i )

Da kids stay all crashed, my old man too.

They leave all DA work for you-know-who.

So me, I stay pickin' up alla their toys, When - boom! - outside get

Only big noise!

I run to DA window, I open 'em up,

I stick out my head and I yell, "He! Whassup?!"

And then, I no can ba-lieve what I seen!

Was so unreal, you know what I mean?

This fat haole guy get his reindeers in my yard!

And reindeers not housebroken, you know, as' why hard!

But nemmind, this Christmas, so I cut 'em some slack.

Plus, had uku pile presents pokin' outta his sack!

So I wait 'till he pau tie up his reindeer, Then I yell out DA window,

"Huui! Brah, ova hea!"

An' I tell 'em first thing, when I open DA door, "He, Hemo your shoes!

You going dirty my floor!"

He take off his boots, he tell, "You know who I am?"

I go, "Ho! From the smell, must be Mr. Toe Jam!"

He make mempachi eyes and he go, "Ho, ho, ho!"

By now, I stay thinking this guy kinda slow!

He look like my Tutu, but little less weight, And his beard stay so

White, MO white than shark bait!

He stay all in red, specially his nose,

And get reindeer spit on top his nice clothes!

But him, he no care; he just smile at me, And he start of put presents

Unda-neath DA tree.

I tell 'em, "He, brah, no need make li'dat, And watch where you step!

You going ma-ke DA cat!"

Then, out from his bag, he pull one brand new computah, Choke video

Games, and one motorized scootah!

He try for fill up DA Christmas socks too, But had so much pukas, all DA

Stuff went fall troo.

When he pau, I tell 'em, "He Santa, try wait!

I get plenty leftovahs, I go make you one plate!"

But he nevah like hang, he had so much of do; Gotta make all them small

Kids''s wishes come true.

So I wave 'em goodbye, and I flash 'em DA shaka, And I tell 'em, "Mele


When he hea Dat, he stop...and I telling you true, He go, "Garans

Ball-barans! Merry Christmas to you!"

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...


Harmony Bentosino said...

Dis one da best Christmas story!

KimoRosen said...

Yes, my little girl tells da good ones...