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Monday, June 2, 2014

"The Fumigator..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen (Column)--May 11, 2014 blog 1286-rerun---

James “Kimo” Rosen is a retired professional photographer living in Kapa'a
with his best friend Obama Da Dog, Rosen also blogs as a hobby...

This blog was published in my bi-weekly column in the Kaua'i Garden
Island news on 06-02-14 titled, "The Fumigator, Terminator.?" Please click on
the link below and check recommend or better yet share on Facebook!

No, the circus was not in town, they were fumigating and tenting the residences
in the senior and disabled housing complex behind Mahelona hospital..
We all hope all the gasses and chemicals dissipate...

The Fumigator 

They waited for the reprieve. Many  felt like prisoners on death row about to be executed.  There was no phone call at midnight from the Governor, therefore the fumigation was to begin.This was not the movies, this was real life, no reprievel.

Approximately 32 elderly and or disabled people from the  55 and older senior housing project behind Mahelona hospital  were recently displaced so their homes could  be pumped full of poisonous gaseous fumes. 

It looked like the circus was in town with bright  Red and yellowish-orange tents circumventing this senior housing project. This traveling show of tents was not very entertaining to say the least.

Some call it  terminating, others fumigation and most know it as pest control. It will keep all the pests out. No door to door salesman crooks or politicians  will even try and knock on your door with signs all over that say, "Danger, Peligro,Fumiogation, Sulfuryl Fluoride, (Vikane)." 

 My recommendation for a cheap security system is to  purchase or make these signs and plaster them all over your home. Even the most criminal of criminals with stay out.

A man representing the pest control people with reddish- orange complexion and dilated pupils told residents the chemicals have no ill effects. How re-assuring.

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been the terminator in the movies, however  the real terminator is pest control. It takes hours to prepare your home.  You need to double bag every food item, medication and toiletries such as toothpaste and mouthwash with a special nylon coated  polymer film plastic bag.

There's no denying bugs, termites and  insects on Kaua'i. The question remains, is it really necessary to fill homes with toxic poisons. Plants, pets and humans cannot be present because they would die.

All plants and grass within four feet will most likely die. Just replacing plants is a huge expense, let alone replacing  many food items thrown out due to the  paranoia of the thought, "is  it really safe to eat  the bagged  food after returning home?"

Management required all  tenants, many with either mental or physical disabilities, to pack things up and live elsewhere for 5 days while they tent and fumigate all their homes.

Besides the stress of being driven out of their homes, it's the aftermath of possible ill effects that has many so very concerned. Many  believe  it's not right - or safe - to be forced to turn frail lives and fragile homes over to a poisonous chemical that will silently kill every living thing within four walls within hours---and then be expected to return home and pick up living as if nothing happened.  Many  worry about the long term  collateral damage and lingering ill effects that such heavily poisoned air might have on so many elderly and disabled folks.

There are alternatives to ridding buildings of termites and other pests that are not toxic to humans. Boric acid and water will kill termites and no need to vacate your home or bag your medications and all food in double lined nylon coated bags.

The stress alone from packing and unpacking and worrying if any of the poisons are still lingering around is enough to drive one insane.

Some considered this a stay-cation while others suffered. It's still to be determined if any collateral damage results.

The tenting and fumigation was beyond the authority of the awesome and caring  local management team which did everything possible to help all residents.

The residents appear tired and are walking around like zombies, however the termites are dead.


Read Tom LaVenture's article in the Garden Island News about the fumigation.  It appeared Saturday May 3,2014 in the online only edition. Too bad it did not make the hard copied edition. 
 Check it out below,

A World record was  set at Kauai's  annual signature event, Taste of Hawaii on Sunday June 1, 2014.
Antonio Palomaras the general manager of the Kaua'i grill in Princeville sets a worlds record by sabering with saber knife 31 bottles

of Jean Louis by  Charles Defere champagne. The champagne is not cheap either at over $50.00 a bottle. After the record was set there was free champagne for all!


Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared from Facebook...

Poor guy, I was thinking the same thing, no safety glasses
work gloves or hard hat!  ;D_


Jean Bornell said...

via email,

"article to the point -- I am going to try the BORIC ACID
Dig a hole in the ground large enough to accommodate one of the pieces of wood.
Place the piece of wood into the hole.
Sprinkle the boric acid liberally onto the wood.
Bury the piece of wood with the soil you just dug up.
Place these wood bait stations in several areas around the perimeter of your home.
Check the bait stations periodically to see if the boric acid has been carried away. If there is no boric acid remaining, sprinkle more on the wood, and bury it again. Proceeding in this manner for several weeks should wipe out most, if not all, of the termite colonies living around your home."

KimoRosen said...

Let me know how it works! Glad you liked it@! Aloha!

Kit Ellison said...

via email,

"Well thought out and stated! I know it would have been impossible for us to have taken a "staycation" when I was still having him still with me. He now lives at Hale Kapuna with second stage Alzheimer's. Some of the residents there must have been so over whelmed it makes me very sad. Thank you for bringing this to light."


KimoRosen said...

Thanks Kit!

Bettejo Dux said...

Kimo, I love you and Obama dearly, but I think 'what a strange' situation. I know you are a very vocal proponent of GMO corn. Families, patients, school children, infants, shopkeepers, visitors in Waimea are constantly exposed-320 days a year--to some of the most toxic herbicide/pesticide' sprays in the world-so secret the GMO guys won't even reveal what they're using-yet you seem to think it's horrible for you but okay for them?
Bad for you? Good for them? How does that work?
Bettejo Dux

Pete Antonson said...

Unlike some writing, I thought it had clarity!

KimoRosen said...

Pete's meme explaining his thought. a dog in a rubbish can...


Joni Kamiya-Rose said...

We eat pesticides all the time and don't even realize it. Don't let fear consume you. It just means that you haven't asked the right people questions and those people who care keeping you afraid aren't telling the truth.

I've grown up on a farm, my whole family has. Yes, the farm does use pesticides because that is one of the inputs needed to grow quality food. Farmers know the difference now of the old stuff and the new stuff. There is a huge difference and it's not cheap so they use it very sparingly to get the job done.

Take a look at under your kitchen sink. I bet you'll find some pesticides in there if you've lived here long enough.

Ada Keone said...

via email,
Yes, I read it and thought you made some good points. I grew up on a dairy farm and can't figure out how they are going to control the stench. Ada

KimoRosen said...

You know the dairy's man's motto? Be kind to udders! ;D) Aloha!

Bettejo Dux said...

You eat it. I have no fear. I have a concern. I value my good health I'm 83 and suffer from glowing good health. Have no aches or pains or ailments, take no drugs. Ask Kimo. How's your health?.

Joni Kamiya-Rose said...

I'm healthy with no health issues at all. My grandparents who all worked on the farms for years lived well into their mid 90's. They exposed to many bad old pesticides and still lived pretty good qualities of life. My dad is well into his 70's and still working 60-70 hours a week on the farm growing GMO papaya. That's pretty healthy to me! Betty Jo, I will be more than happy to talk to you more about these issues.

Bettejo Dux said...

Perhaps. Perhaps. Nevertheless I will continue to eat 'real' food. Free range eggs and chicken. Organic fruit and vegetables. I just prefer not to ingest pesticides. When the county was spraying in my neck of the woods, my bees were dying. Think of a world without bees. Think of having to live in Waimea where pesticides and herbicides are sprayed 320 days a year. What pesticides? What herbicides? The GMO corn growers won't even reveal what they are using. There are many factors here you seem to be avoiding.

Bettejo Dux said...

"You seem to have a financial reason-your dad grows GMO papayas-to promote GMOs. I do not."

Joni Kamiya-Rose said...

I do not get paid by the farm and trying to use the shill argument only shows the weakness of your argument. I receive NO money at all for speaking out for biotech.

As much as you may have heard the bees are being killed off, the fact of the matter is that bees are doing pretty well in Hawaii. Honey production is up 15% here in our state. http://www.nass.usda.gov/.../Todays.../reports/hony0314.pdf

That data clearly contradicts the arguments that GMOs are killing the bees off as colonies have increased also.

It's also interesting to note that the organic pesticides being used to control the coffee bean borer beetle on the Big Island is a suspected bee killer by the Xerces Society. Just because it is organic does equate to it being safer for the environment. Note that they rate it as highly toxic to bees. http://www.xerces.org/.../xerces-organic-approved...

Bettejo Dux said...

You are absolutely right

Ada Keone said...

No, I hadn't heard that. I'll be kind to these cows if they are on Lanai. Ada

KimoRosen said...

To those who post anonymous on this blog, your posts will be deleted. If your not willing to identify yourself, I am not willing to listen. Most anonymous comments seem to be personal attacks and have nothing to do with the blog. Aloha