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Monday, April 6, 2015

"Next Year at Taco Bell..." 'Kimo's world #66' (Special Classic annual Passover blog)

Happy Passover everyone!
 "Obama Da Dog a recent convert to Judaism celebrates Passover, the Jewish holiday celebrating freedom from Egyptian bondage and slavery..." This blog was published as an opinion article on 04-07-12 in the   Kaua'i Garden Island news; "Next year at Taco bell..." http://thegardenisland.com/news/opinion/mailbag/letters-for-saturday-april/article_7269225a-8071-11e1-8efb-0019bb2963f4.html
This blog originally ran on 04-24-11, Dakinetalk Blog #268 & on 04-06-12 Dakinetalk Blog #626
and again on 04-14-14 Blog #1268

'Kimo's world #66' (Special Classic annual Passover blog)

Plus a special Buzzfeed about how a stolen i-phone turned positivie! ;-)

 Next Year at Taco Bell

Everyday of the year is someone's birthday, and with all the religious and secular holidays, it gets hard  deciding which ones to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, since it is an American holiday, and not a Christian or Jewish holiday.

The rules of holidays are what I question.  For the  Jewish holiday of Passover, Jews (my people) are not suppose to eat leaven (bread or anything with yeast for 8 days.) This tradition started with the Jews escape from Egyptian bondage and slavery. While on the run they had limited time, only time to make a quick flat bread, that didn't have time to rise. therefore we eat Matzo as a remembrance of hard times. (Matzo is  a bland  cracker with very little taste consumed  during the  8 day long holiday of Passover.

We celebrate Passover with humbleness by abstaining from  bread, however we prepare huge holiday meals of a roasted brisket with pan fried potatoes, matzo ball soup with chicken,  elaborate salads and special cookies made from matzo meal instead of flour. I don't believe the Jews had time to make those items either if they didn't even have the time to bake bread? The basic rule, if it rises don't eat it during Passover. Noodles, pasta rice, beans etc, are all off the menu.

Eggs are on the menu even though they are a leavening agent in many baked goods. Whipped egg whites are a a leaven agent. Egg whites trap air bubbles in the batter, so when whisked, egg whites are folded into a batter, they hold the air in and help the baked goods attain a light, puffy rise. (added in 2015 edition)

The other irony is when you mix flour and water in a warm environment it creates sourdough, which is a sour yeast. I therefore believe that the matzo cracker would had risen in many cases.

The Jewish people  eat matzo and have elaborate gourmet meals to remember the days of slavery.

Why not just enjoy a nice spontaneous meal on the move, as most probably did during the exodus?

How about going through the drive through at Taco Bell, after all tortilla's are unleavened. This would sure make one humble and  an appropriate way to remember hard times.

Next year at Taco Bell! 

Happy Passover, Happy Easter and Happy April showers.

(Editor's note,  the last words at every Passover Seder are, "Next year in Jerusalem," next year at Taco bell is a play on words and my attempt at humor.)    ;-)
Editor's note, Dakinetalk guest bloggers do not necessarily represent the opinions of dakinetalk. Guest bloggers are given space to express their beliefs and or opinions. We feel there are many roads and like to give people space to express their thoughts,after-all that's what dakine is...Aloha, James "Kimo" Rosen, Publisher

A Touching story;
"I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life."
From BuzzFeed;
Wow, best story I have read! Worth the read, you won't be sorry..
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i-phone comments from Facebook said...

You, Roger Dean, Stuart Adams and Chuck Lasker like this.

James Kimo Rosen Mahalo to Chuck Lasker for sharing this awesome story!
4 April at 16:16 · Unlike · 1

Roger Dean Wild saga!--Fun read!
4 April at 18:33 · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen Mr. Dean, this is the kind of story I really enjoy!
4 April at 19:46 · Like

Chuck And-Cyndi Bent That was captivating !! Long, but fascinating…
4 April at 23:28 · Unlike · 1
James Kimo Rosen

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Sam Uel Clemens said...

I'm happy to not be burdened by religious traditions. As for Taco Bell: Nooo! Go for SUSHI! (Or Thai food).

KimoRosen said...

Tiki Tacos in Kapaa has home made tortillas and loaded with veggies, Mexican cheese, like no other cheese in the world. Fish, beef and chicken, it's a huger taco for $5.00, best taco I ever had! I had the Chicken taco for dinner last night!

Sam Uel Clemens said...

Yeah, but Mexican food is kinda at the bottom on the list of foods I like.
I'd eat it if it was free, of course, but I'd never pay for it at a restaurant. (Same goes for Italian food.)

KimoRosen said...

It all depends on the quality of the food in the restaurant. There is good Thai and bad Thai, as there is good Mexican and bad Mexican, not all food ethnicity is created equal.

Sam Uel Clemens said...

There's no such thing as "bad sushi" (unless maggots are crawling out)

KimoRosen said...

Sam-san, I love Sushi, especially the real kind that you and I have had in Japan, however with that said many people including myself have gotten food poisoning from raw fish. You need to be so careful and know the source of your sushi. Besides that Sushi is Oishi! (delicious)

Sam Uel Clemens said...

You can get food poisoning from any type of food, thus, I'm fully willing to risk poisoning from my personal fave foods. Oishi sushi or Thai! Woot woot! Bring it on!

KimoRosen said...

This is me after eating bad sushi! Woot Woot! ;-)

'cartoon of man sweating and looking terrible'

i-phone comments from Facebook said...

Harmony Bentosino I would have liked this more if it was a lot less long!
46 mins · Unlike · 1

James Kimo Rosen It was a little long, but kept your interest the whole way...
42 mins · Like
James Kimo Rosen

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