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Saturday, April 18, 2015

"We shall never forget the Holocaust" 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Sunday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York.
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for over 30 years

We shall never forget the Holocaust

 This past week an important movie was released based on true stories, “Woman in Gold”.  The main characters were Helen Mirren  and Ryan Reynolds.   

We went to view the movie with family and friends and coincidentally this week was  the National Remembrance week for all the Holocaust survivors and for those who perished  so many years ago.  

Yom Hashoah  was observed all over the world this week and the movie brought home what events happened to the people in Europe when the Germans started to take over the Jewish population.  All of their belongings, including famous artwork  was confiscated by the Germans in Austria and the population of Jews were led off to the concentration camps. 
A Must see heartfelt  short 2 minute YouTube of this past Yom Hashoah in Israel' (Everything stops!)
The woman,  Mrs. Altman that Helen Mirran played and her husband living in Austria escaped the Germans one night before  the family home was taken  over.  The family home and the rest of the people living there including her parents were taken away.   Ryan Reynolds played a young lawyer who went to the ends of the earth to reclaim the artwork that was worth millions, especially the painting made by an artist of her sister that was made of gold.

Through the red tape that took years to unravel, it finally came to be and the artwork was brought to NYC to be enjoyed by all.  A large sum of money was given to Helen Mirran, Mrs Altman for her donation.  Today the real person whom the movie portrayed lived to the age of 94 and just recently passed  away.

This movie was a good way to once again help those that need to remember what happened to a race of people during the 1940’s.  All of the survivors are getting very old and one by one we are losing them.

The Altman’s  who were the family that recovered the paintings along with Mr. Schoenberg  used some of the money to fund the new Holocaust  museum in L.A. that we had the privilege of visiting this summer.   He not only donated 7 million to start the museum, he is active in its operation today.

This movie should be viewed by everyone as it shows man’s inhumanity to man  and  what could actually happen again with anti-Semitism rising in our country as well as others. 

We shall never forget what happened to our ancestor’s  70 years ago. 
Check out the YouTube movie trailer of 'Woman in Gold';

A Must see heartfelt  short 2 minute YouTube of this past Yom Hashoah in Israel' (Everything stops!)

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Chester "Unc" Lau said...

In 1946 when I was drafted for military service right out of high school,because I was already trained on cinematography from part time job,,my first film assignment with the Army's Signal Corps was to follow the army's Grave Registration teams all over Europe to document their work in finding,disinterring remains from old battle fields,processed & identifying them if possible & respectfully placed each of them in a $1,000 casket & sent them home to their families. it was no fun,War is hell,no one wins,enemy battle remains looks same as ours,they have parents & loved ones too !!!

PEACE IS BETTER , Look at Japan & China today without wars !!! will be the first & third economy in the world.the US with multiple senseless wars still on going,where will we be ?

unc C

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service to our great country Unc!

Joey Terranova said...

Via Facebook;
"Great article, Judy! Thank you for bringing this to light."