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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gee ma I wanna go right back to Buffalo, Gee ma I wanna go home! 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Sunday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York
( A suburb of Buffalo, N.Y.)
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for over 30 years

Gee ma I wanna go right back to Buffalo, Gee ma I wanna go home... 

   I thought drivers were bad in Buffalo--until I spent a week driving in L.A.

We went  to see a comedian before the Warner Bros show we watched and he made a bantering about the drivers here and is 100% right.

 There are few signals used on the freeways here. If you show a turn signal when trying to change lanes, the person next to tries to speed up so you can't get in the lane .  If you use no signal, you can sneak in when there is a small break.
Wow! 113 outside the car in L.A.!!!

You must have a neck like beetle juice because the amount of drivers on the freeway is insane. A short drive that should take 20 minutes can take up to 2 hrs depending on the drivers and amount of traffic.  

Of course there seems to be a crash any time you drive. People must stop to look at the burning car on the side of the road which backs up the lanes for miles. KEEP DRIVING PEOPLE!

The amount of gas you burn is  amazing and gas here is a dollar more a gallon than in Buffalo.

When you finally get where you are going, you are exhausted from the traffic, and people who could  care less about you and do not pay attention that you may want to get off the freeway.

I will not miss this problem --but I will miss the swaying palm trees and pleasant weather.  

Judy, Judy, Judy!  ;-)

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