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Monday, December 28, 2015

"Everyone has become a publisher with the option to unfriend ..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' ~Kimo's world #105~

James Kimo Rosen is the Blogger-n-chief
of dakinetalk blog and lives on the cosmic
island of Kaua'i with his spiritual advisor
Obama Da Dog!  
Rosen plays mini golf as Obama Da Dog
cheers him on...
Above photo courtesy;Irina Briksa

Everyone has become a publisher with the option to unfriend 
Kimo's world #105~

I have over 1300 friends on Facebook.  

I have friends whom post their dirty laundry daily, almost like they're in therapy.

Some will talk of their illnesses.
Some will talk dirt on their neighbors or relatives.
Some will post jokes.
some will post what they just ate for lunch.
some will  use words you never heard in the bible.
Some will be offensive and you wonder how facebook has not 86'ed them.
Some will get in trouble for being misunderstood and having someone else repost what they said. 
Some are looking to do you in, so watch everything you post.

I was brought up to respect differences of opinions.Believe it or not I have friends that will unfriend you should they not agree with you politically or spiritually. The irony is many of  these people call themselves liberal.

 I  look at my Facebook timeline as my own personal magazine.
 If I could, I  would sell to consumers. I still have publishing in my veins from the days I published Alaska People Magazine.

 I  like to post my daily blog, interesting news stories, funny memes and Sunrises.
However I too am guilty of posting  a meal photo, contrary to the fact I swore I'd never  become one of those people, oh well.

No matter what you use your timeline for--one thing is  for certain, everyone has become a publisher with the option to unfriend ;-)

Obama Da Dog's  7th birthday  was on Christmas day and the local paper (TGI) ran  a story and headline all about her on the front page! 
" Obama's birthday on Christma"

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook


Bettejo Dux said...

I don't know where I fit in?

Kit Ellison said...

Now you know why I don't have face book.