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Monday, March 7, 2016

"Undecided, ...and the next President is..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' Kimo's world #116

James "Kimo" Rosen was one of the last people
in America without a cell phone.
Rosen currently talks to 'Siri' on a regular basis.
Rosen  lives with his best friend
 and spiritual advisor Obama  Da Dog
on the cosmic Garden Island of Kauai...
Kimo's world #116

Undecided, ...and the next President is
Check out the Hillary sign.
Ironically the second 'L' is blocked
 by her head! Eerie coincidence?

 How many  people are actually undecided  at this point in time on who they are going to vote for as President?

The undecided are the people that political campaigns  are spending millions to help sway votes their way. The undecided must be living in a bubble and not have access to TV, Internet, radio, junk mail, telephones and newspapers.  How can anyone actually be undecided at this point in time on who they want for President?
When you realize it's all a game &
 we're the ones getting played 

I am betting if the election were tomorrow the vast majority of results would not be much different  than on election day?

These are the same undecided that  can't decide if they want to date men or woman, the same undecided that cannot make a decision between coke and Pepsi,  or even Burger King or McDonald's.

Stop the spending on political commercials for the undecided  between now and election day and use those monies to help reduce the deficit  or for wounded veterans.

The same undecided  will most likely forget to register to vote , since undecided is probably their mantra on most things in life.

Now if only  the undecided  can decide if they want to remain undecided, or decide on a candidate for President before it's to late to decide.

 My guess is, they will remain undecided.

Check out this remarkable film trailer on Steven Spielberg's new film "OBAMA" starring Daniel Day Lewis;
Check out President Obama stand up and the white house corespondent dinner in 2015;

Hana Hou, (Encore) Shared From Facebook...


Anonymous said...

another fun week to bomb the politicians fighting for the OUT HOUSE ,

Chester "Unc" Lau said...

the old politicians did not work,created unnecessary wars that killed our healthy military & drained our tax $s..........!!!


Glenn Mickens said...

You are right on target, Kimo as no one should be undecided about who they are going to support by now. I always say that there is no all good in politicians and no all bad so one votes for the lesser of the evils! And since I have always been a D I usually go along with who they have. I could go along with Bernie if he were the "man" but I do not want to split the vote and make it easy for someone like the Donald to get in so it is Clinton. At least with her we are getting 2 for 1 as I am sure Bill will be there to advise her.