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Monday, September 19, 2016

"Wailua falls and no Aloha..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #147)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Obama Da Dog!
Kimo's world #147~Blog #1835
 Editors note;
This blog appeared as an opinion article the same day (09-19-16)
in the Kauai Garden Island News;

Wailua falls and no Aloha

I Can't believe nobody cared enough to say; thank God your OK!

Where is the Aloha?
Wailua Falls, one of the many awesome
places on Kauai

iPhone Photo courtesy of Laurie Cicotello

I was blown away by the utter lack of human compassion and care for a man who nearly lost his life jumping off Wailua falls.

The  excellent article written by Garden Island editor-n-chief, Bill Buley demonstrated to me a total lack of empathy and compassion by the majority of people who commented on the Garden Island's Facebook page concerning this  article titled " This is crazy." 
This really is crazy.
Every comment was either racist or about how stupid the man  was and how he should be arrested and live in a mental institution. I am enclosing a sampling of some of the comments.

"It's funny how us locals/ Hawaiians get kicked out of places like this. but how come these hāoles can just go into fenced places and do stupid actions and not get in trouble...".

"This guy is an idiot.He should be fined for the rescue team . Do Kauai a favor , Never return."

 "If he tries again, he should make sure there are no other visitors there. That would be a 'real' experience for him. Then his 'friend' could scramble down the hillside to assist. If he dies, he dies. Sounds like he's ready. Smh"

"This guy needs mental help. He plans on doing it again? What an idiot. He not only put himself at risk, but also anyone below."

 "There is no cure for stupid."

I was going to comment with a positive comment however I did not want my inbox bombarded with negativity---since once you comment on Facebook  every comment thereafter will not only post on Facebook but go to your email  inbox.

 Imagine if Mr.Shahan (the man who jumped off Wailua falls) had been injured, paralyzed or died? would people still be commenting in the same manner?

Here's the comment I wanted to post; 

Thank God your OK young man. We all make and do crazy things when we are young. I am  thankful you survived and lived to tell your story.  Please count your blessings because there may not be a next time.  Please don't try this off Niagara falls!

I would like to say Aloha Nui Loa and God bless to Mr. Shiloh Shahan.  

...And to all the negative commenters,where is the Aloha? ...And---  “He who is without sin throw the first stone”. John 8:7

Wailua Falls
iPhone photo courtesy of Laurie Cicotello

Editors note;
This blog appeared as an opinion article the same day (09-19-16)
in the Kauai Garden Island News;


Special YouTube video of the actual jump;

Special YouTube video of the actual rescue;

Hana Hou, Encore!


Roger Dean said...

I think he should be disciplined, not embraced, for a bad youthful decision that could've hurt others besides himself...but disciplined in a helpful way--like a memorable fine and community service--and not cruelly with useless insults and hypocritical mockery.

Glenn Mickens said...

I hope your tongue is still in cheek when you feel sympathy for this idiot who jumped from the falls!!!!!!!!!!!! My only gratefulness is for those who rescued him and did not get hurt or killed doing it. Just like I have no sympathy for those who smoke and get lung cancer---the cancer is 100% preventable by just not using the tobacco product just as this idiot's jumping from the falls is preventable by not doing such a stupid thing. Too many people have diseases that they have no control over or are born with 2 strikes against them and those I have the greatest sympathy for.

But alcoholics and drug users (unless they got hooked on drugs ordered by a Dr and got addicted) do not have my sympathy when all they had to do was say no thank you when introduced to the drug.

Keep up the good work,

KimoRosen said...

There are many people with lung cancer whom never smoked a cigarette or tobacco product in their life.

And for the kid he is only I believe 22? You never did crazy thugs as a youth?

My point was that this dam island that preaches Aloha ain't got none. Nobody in over 300 comments commented to say Thank goodness you survived.

My point was that people really aren't nice.

Glenn Mickens said...

On this one we will have to agree to disagree. Unless that 22 year old kid or however old he was had a brain problem he certainly knew enough that jumping off a 100 ft waterfall ( or whatever it was) could cause harm or death to himself. As long as no one else was involved with his rescue I really do not care what he does to himself but others were involved and shouldn't have need to be if that "kid" had any brains.

Sure I have done stupid things in my life but when people do dumb things they must know the consequences when they do them and face the music when they do it.
Yes, people get lung cancer when they are not smokers and for those I have sympathy. But for those who smoke against all odds and get cancer I have no sympathy. I have never used tobacco of any kind nor have I ever used alcohol to drink and I may kick off tomorrow. But my 10th grade science teacher said to leave tobacco and alcohol alone as they well never do you any good and could do you a lot of harm and that made sense to me---along with my parents never using either.
I am sure that those 300 people who wrote you feel that this kid deserved what he got as no one (we know of) forced him to jump. And yes, I am with you in not believing that the aloha spirit is not practiced as much as the people say it is but, again, I have no aloha for what happened to this kid or any other person who knowingly risks their lives in doing something stupid and the worst happens.

Accidents will and do happen but when one takes place with someone who defies the odds and dies or gets hurt i have no sympathy for them--they knew what they were doing when the did it.

Take care, my friend,

Harmony Bentosino said...

do appreciate your call for compassion & for it to be a useful lesson about counting his blessings & learning from luck or grace what not to do.

Harmony Bentosino said...

Is the picture of the young boy going over Niagara Falls in a barrel real or photo shopped?

Anonymous said...

It's a fun tourist shot...

KimoRosen said...

What gets me is I've talked to a few people that have told me that that have never done stupid things when they were young?

Harmony Bentosino said...

Well some people are extremely timid & unimaginative.

Anonymous said...

...and may I add- lead boring lives!