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Friday, November 4, 2016

"November Festivities..." 'Judith Whitehead' (inspiration Friday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York
( A suburb of Buffalo, N.Y.)
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for nearly 40 years

November Festivities

One of my most favorite months of the year....

Now that Halloween has passed we look forward to Fall weather with unseasonably warm temperatures in Buffalo. Today is 70 degrees here.  

Could we be so lucky as to have these moderate temps for the rest of the month?  Last year we slid by with great weather throughout the winter with only a few storms.

We Buffalonians know what to expect in our winter months but always hope for a change in the weather patterns anyway.

I have already planned my Spring vacation which keeps me going all through winter. 

November holds plenty of celebrations; anniversaries, birthdays, holidays etc all packed in to celebrate the whole month.   At least the celebrations make weather aberrations tolerable.  Nothing keeps me indoors if there is a reason to celebrate--well almost nothing except a freak blinding snow storm.    

So here is to great weather this month, great times with family and friends and the start of a mild mild season!!! 
Mrs. Whitehead hopes for a mild winter,
that's wishful thinking in Buffalo.
We say to Judy, "Alooooha!"  ;-)
Hana Hou, (Encore)

Kauai Sunrise iPhone photo
James "Kimo" Rosen

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