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Thursday, November 17, 2016

"To all my Facebook friends..." 'Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert' (Special post Election edition)

Carrie Kneubuhl-Eckert  whom currently 

resides in  La Quinta, California.
Formerly  a resident of Kapa'a Kaua'i for 5 years.
Carrie is an artist and animal rights activist.
 Carrie prides herself with being friends to people that are friendly to others.
 She is Republican and proud of it.
Her family has served for the United States in many capacities over the years.
Many of her friends work for the U.S.government as well.

To all my Facebook  friends

I have personally had enough of the back and forth and nasty emails I have received between my friends on this election. I thought that it would be over once the election was over. But I can see that is not the case. 

President elect Trump won the race. It is over. I will not continue RESPONDING to every democratic friends post that continues to divide the people who voted for Trump. Every time Trump looks sideways someone has to post a criticism of him. The nasty post about his wife and family are sickening. How low can we go? (I never remember this happening to Barack Obama and his family which we had to endure for 8 years) Many people didn't like the Obama administration. And many thought Hillary was corrupt and was caught lying too many times to vote for the person with experience in politics. Apparently half of the USA that voted didn't either despite the huge media and big money that pushed for her presidency. (Please don't post back to split the hairs on that)

So I say to my friends that voted for Trump. As the media so well pointed it out again and again, Let's take Hillary Clinton's or Michelle Obama's words to Donald Trump, and to take the" high road" instead of the "low road" and stop the perpetuating the division between those who voted for Trump and those of you who did not. 

I cannot waste my time any longer with rebutting their posts about their hated and micro managing at every blink Trump makes. All this does is continue to separate the people of this country and promote hate between us. If this is the America they don't foresee they don't want, ( because nothing has happened yet to affect them) then let them be unhappy that the system did not work in their favor everyday. Then let them continue their life being consumed with negativity and not letting the country move forward. I can't participate in this banter back and forth any longer. I have a life to live and I want it to be happy and positive. 

You have not even given President elect Trump the courtesy of doing his job yet. I say lets see what happens. REMEMBER, No president has ever kept all their promises!!

If I continue to see constant posting from people who are not willing to give freedom a chance under our voting laws and who want to post negative rants every opportunity they have which is your right. I want you to know, that will not be participating in your posts or responding. I do not want my life to be consumed with nitpicking posts. My wish is that people will stop perpetuating the divide in this country. The media already does a fantastic job of negative reporting of people.

My wish is that the people would let the man do the job he was elected to do. I want him to succeed, and I would hope all Americans would want him to succeed for our country.

Remember, in every relationship you are not going to love or like everything that person does. But we have to look at the overall good in people and turn that into a positive. I hope America heals and stops promoting hate. And that goes for both sides!

Carrie Eckert is an artist
and currently resides in
La Quinta, California.

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Hana Hou, Encore-
Some of Carrie's recent art shown in Beverley Hills

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1 comment:

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Yes, Carrie, I would be able to give anyone who was elected to the highest post in the US a chance to unite our country but when Trumps first action is to hire a WHITE SUPREMEST to his cabinet how is that going to convince this nation that he is what they need? We have fought for hundreds of years to get equality for all Americans and there is certainly no place for a bigot and a raciest to be in an officer where he can help destroy it. Like all racist he probably believes that the Holocaust did not happen nor do we want any more Ku Klux Klan.
Glenn Mickens