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Friday, March 10, 2017

"What are those yellow spots on my eyes..? 'Judith Whitehead' (Inspiration Friday)

Judith Whitehead lives in Amherst New York
( A suburb of Buffalo, N.Y.)
 and has worked in the ophthalmology
 field of medicine for nearly 40 years

What are those yellow spots on my eyes

Many patients come into our office for a routine eye examination  and  have noticed a “finding” on their eyes.

  They notice a painless raised area on either side of their iris (the colored part) and want some answers.

More so, in hot climates  in the world especially near the equator,  people are more prone to  developing what are called "pinguecula".

 The small raised yellowish areas that develop on the white part of the eye,  the sclera , are caused from UV and sun exposure.   Also people that spend a great deal of time in the sun without eye protection,  may develop the same findings.   

Pinguecula  by themselves, are not dangerous and if bothersome, may be removed.  They can become enlarged and irritated at times and may  become  unsightly.  They do  not carry   a   serious  diagnosis and can be treated with prescription eye drops to calm them if red and irritated.

If removed surgically, the eye will be sore for a short time and can be soothed with drops.  The surgical procedure is usually done in an out patient setting  under a local anesthetic. 

The growths  may return some day, especially if one returns to worshiping the sun again.  

Hana Hou, (Encore)


Harmony Bentosino said...

Are the pinguecula anything like a terrigium, Judith? That's what I have. It's scar tissue that grows over the eye and can cover much of the iris, but if it encroaches over the pupil, it must be removed. It's also caused by sunlight exposure. Your cartoon jokes are so punny, Kimo, that I'm ROTFL!

Judith Whitehead said...

Yes p t e r y g I u m. Caused by something. Can be removed but may comeback

Judith Whitehead said...

Same cause

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Aloha Judith:
I have glaucoma and when it came on 15 years ago the pressure in the left eye hurt the optic nerve and I have no sight in it. I have used 3 types of eye drops since I was diagnosed and keep the pressure normal so the right eye is fine. I see my ophthalmologist regularly and do all I can to protect the one head light.

Since you have expertise in that field I wondered if you have heard any optimistic words about repairing a damaged (by glaucoma) optic nerve.

Enjoy your blogs you send to my pal Kimo.


Judith Whitehead said...

Sorry. The best you can do is protect your eyes from now forward. Once the optic nerve is damaged. It's a slippery slope. But new discoveries every day happen. protect your good eye. !!!!!

Pinky Furlong said...

Audrey has to go to the doc yesterday for a cornea ulcer. No contacts for awhile.

Judith Whitehead said...

Ooo better take them seriously. Not to be fooled with

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Glenn Mickens reply to Judy by email; Thank you Judith for the quick reply--really appreciate it. Doing all I can to protect my one good eye and hopeful that those new discoveries will come along before I am ashes in the wind.

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Thanks, Kimo--don't know where you find the time to accomplish all you do.