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Monday, September 11, 2017

"Ways to decrease tourism on Kaua'i since flights will increase 42% in 2018..." 'James "Kimo" Rosen' (Kimo's world #205)

James "Kimo" Rosen is a retired professional photographer
 and amongst other things lived in a tent outdoors for 7 years.
Rosen currently resides on the tropical island of Kaua'i
with his best friend and spiritual adviser Ivanka-Obama Da Dog!

Blog #1958~Kimo's world's #205

Ways to  decrease tourism on Kaua'i since flights will increase 42% in 2018

We on Kauai are reaching the tipping point as far as visitor arrivals and population are concerned according to TGI's recent headline story stating there will be a 42% plus increase in flights from mainland America to Lihue. This  has many  of us stressed and  up in arms especially us transplants that make believe we are locals, I can only imagine how the actual locals feel.
Slow moving traffic in Kapaa town
known by locals as
"The Kapaa crawl."

Flights to Kauai to increase by 42.6 percent in 2018-Read TGI article-link below:
Imagine 42% more rental cars on the roads along with all the new developments currently under construction. This will not only effect tourism but our basic infrastructure from housing, roads, sewage, and yes even our  mental health.  Many people have told me the waiting time at their doctors offices and  supermarket lines have increased dramatically.

When accidents happen on our island it delays everything, tourists' miss their flights, locals' miss their appointments
and the lone road in and out of our cosmic island can be closed for hours.

If you thought there is a Kapaa crawl now in traffic just wait until 2018 when we have a Kapaa and even an island wide stand still. Oy vey!
When accidents happen
it delays everything on our
island since we  have one
basic road with a growing
tourist and local population.

Visitors can be funny
One visitor from the mainland asked for directions to the bank so they could convert their money to Hawaiian currency.
Another  visitor asks me , Do you drink coconuts as your main source of water?”
and finally one little old lady tells me my English is very good.
However enough is enough...

I have come up with a guaranteed way to take our cosmic Garden island back and get the population back under control so we are no longer overwhelmed with visitors,traffic and over population everywhere we look.

My solution will take some getting used to, but believe me, guaranteed to have our roads less traveled and our parks back so kamaaina and locals can enjoy themselves once again.

 Rule #1,  is to be a dirt-bag to any visitor that asks you a question, for instance,  when they ask, "how do I get to the beach?" Tell them, the only beach here is you, lady.   

 Rule #2,When asked the best place to eat, tell them the porta pottie over there!
Kauai features some of the best
sunrise and sunsets
in the world!

Rule #3, Never have eye contact, always look at the ground or into space while communicating with a visitor. They don't like that.

Rule # 4, When they ask if they can pet your dog? Come back  with, is it OK if I pet your,______________  (use the craziest  word you know!)

You get da drift, soon word will spread that we have no aloha. We must be in on this together. You must be a Jackass, just like me for this to work.This will take some getting used to because this goes against  the grain of human nature.

The  state of Hawaii's answer when I went to a recent meeting about the traffic situation in the Kapaa corridor was to the change the timing on the traffic signals, this is what we pay our legislators and engineers for? Double Oy vey.

My answer may not be pono or have the aloha spirit, but sometimes you need to bite the bullet, OK, whose in?

Hana Hou, Encore!


Renee Harden said...

Sadly, we won't add to the traffic next year. (Mixed Blessing?)

KimoRosen said...

You are always welcome here here my friend I was being somewhat tongue-n-cheek and self deprecating while expressing a frustration that many are experiencing.... ;-)

Renee Harden said...

Mahalo for that! We feel the same about you in Texas! 😏Perhaps you could try fear mongering to decrease the mobs!🤓

Renee Harden said...

South Park S16 E11: Going Native.

KimoRosen said...

One of my favorites, I will look it up and post it later, unless you have it handy you can post on this thread, it's exactly the people I refer too, they exist!

KimoRosen said...

A trailer from YouTube shows what Renee Harden is talking about in the Sothpark episode, Haoles calling Haoles, Haole. SMH!😂


Anonymous said...

You can watch the full episode on Hulu, if you don't have a subscription they will give you a free weeks subscription as a trial. https://www.hulu.com/watch/414833

Tommy LaVenture said...

Ha ha ha, I'm gonna visit and ride a scooter 15 mph from Ke‘e beach to Kekaha, back and forth for two weeks nonstop.

Wayne Jerves said...

I grew up on Kauai(Hanamaulu, St. Catherine's, Kauai High)but moved to California, where I finished college. We lived in London and Rome since then, but my California family loves Kauai best. Kids take their family to Kauai on their own now having grown to love it almost as much as I do. We have all noticed the traffic mess, the haoles moving in, the resorts filling up the place. I hope you all are successful in putting a lid on the population, local and tourist. California has gone nuts, opening the borders, paving the farmland, not enough water, highways full of cars and potholes. Aloha to all, especially to my relatives that still live there.

Renee Harden said...

Because I have aloha A'ina O'Hawaii, I have been asked by people, "How long did you live there?" In the spirit of the South Park episode, I replied, "...not long enough!" (Every January & part of February..."😜🌴🌺 Please, no offense to my native aikane & Ohana!

Glenn Mickens-by email said...

Your excellent point is well taken, Kimo. Other than going through a possible law suit by the rental car companies (restricting how many they can rent or how high a tax we can put on them) I can only see two ways out of this mess.

1) Get our cane haul roads open (it took 9 months to get the Kapaa by pass open with no EIS needed since it was already a road) AND (2) put more lanes on our highways since the contra flow system has worked since it was put in BUT is costing us $3000 a day to put up and take down.

These are two methods PROVEN to work----NOT MORE BIKES, BUSES OR WALKING!!!

You may not agree but there is nothing on the horizon that can alleviate traffic like these two methods---short or long term.
Your pal,

KimoRosen said...

I agree with you, but also like the idea of bike and walking paths too!

Anonymous said...

Kimo, I realize this was satire, they do say, many of earnest word is spoken in jest. I applaud you on this one! I'll bite the bullet along with you my friend, us Jackasses must stick together!