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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Legalize everything!

Hawaiian's number one vacation destination is Las Vegas. Gambling and prostitution are legal there. If Hawaii would legalize gambling, prostitution and marijuana, the state could tax all those things which would give Hawaii the finances necessary for many projects such as an end to state and teacher furloughs, new roads, parks, pools, inexpensive housing, new libraries, public transportation, pedestrian trails, housing for the homeless, and have adequate funding for Honolulu's controversial rail system, etc...

Hawaii should legalize gambling with the start of a state lottery. Hawaii and Utah are the only states currently without a lottery. The lottery could help generate funds for the states below average educational system, and put teachers back to work, no more furloughs, every week another person would become rich.

Hawaii should legalize prostitution, with Aids and other STD's running rapid, at least prostitution would be controlled. The Prostitutes would need to be licensed and required to see a doctor periodically for a clean bill of health. The police would have more time to focus on the more serious crimes such as murder and robberies. Prostitution exists in Hawaii, just walk the streets of Waikiki or observe the numerous massage and relaxation parlors in Honolulu. Let's make it legal, safe and tax it, after all it already exists.

Hawai'i should legalize marijuana. Marijuana is accessible to anyone who wants it, why not legalize it and control the substance just as alcohol is controlled with legal age limits. (Many studies show marijuana is less harmful than alcohol.) The state could become very rich with legalizing & growing marijuana in Hawaii's perfect climate.

I am not a gambler, I do not buy prostitutes, or smoke pot . Legalizing everything would be a win win situation for law enforcement and the financial state of Hawai'i, plus alleviate the overcrowded prisons which cost taxpayers millions of dollars.This is how to stimulate the economy, prohibition just doesn't work!

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